Twilio IVR Services Now In Everyone’s Reach

IVR is the abbreviation the Interactive Voice Response that is commonly used in the field of information technology for the services of voice response provided over telephone through computer or any other technological device. Whenever you call for a customer support to your services provider or you receive are telemarketing call at your landline phone or your mobile phone, most of the time the first voice that you get interacted with is not a real human but a computer’s voice, this facility of letting the computer assist you through the call is referred to as Automated Attendant, and it has been possible through IVR services.

The Begining Of IVR Services

There was a time when whether through inbound or out bound calling, one had to provide the manual assistance  to the costumers and information seekers, and that was also only one at a time. Where on the telephone line that was in the progress of assisting one costumer, the other one could not get through, unless the first one has finished dealt with or dropped. However through the introduction of IVR services, one can now manage more than one call individually and does not have to waste time in responding to the frequently asked same questions and queries from separate costumers. As such queries can easily be dealt through the IVR services.

Concept Of Our IVR Services

The concept of IVR services is not new, it had been in process since digital telephones have taken over and IDMF technology has come in use that allows to distinct between the keytones; however IVR services had been quite expensive and costly for a small business to acquire. For those who could not attain the IVR services for their customer support or marketing seem to have a major setback in the competition with their competitor who had somehow attained the IVR services for their calls management and record.

Twilio IVR Functionalities

The IVR services for telephones do not only assist the costumers through the calls but also keep a track of calls and makes recordings in order to see the market trends and check whether the advertising and marketing strategies are working or not, this also allows the business owner to take a look at the information gathered through the call records and design the business strategies according to the need of consumers.

Use Of Our IVR Services

With the introduction of telephony industry that has been able to merge the both conventional telephone industry with the computer and information technology, it is now quite easy for any business owner to acquire the IVR services for their business advertising and costumers’ support. Through the availability of these new telephony services providers such as Twilio, it is now much cheaper and more efficient to attain services related to IVR and many other features of it, such as call record management and call tracking that allows the business owner to refine the strategies to put them ahead in the market.

Leading IVR services provider, Twilio, does not only provides simple call assistance and management services, but also lets the acquirer facilitate themselves with much more practical and useful service such as call tracking, through the additional CLI (Caller Line Identification) services, Twilio allows the you to track the call right back to the origin, and tells which of the online ad initiated the costumer to call you, this is a very useful feature that not only tells you clearly about the targeted market but also allows the user to know the best points of marketing and advertising to focus on and which the ones to leave.

More Cost Effective & Efficient

This is was very simple example of how Twilio has revolutionized the IVR services and made it more cost efficient for not only an upscale business owner to attain but also for the small scale firms and business owners to get facilitated with, as it is now much cheaper and cost efficient as compared to the previous times.

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