How to use sms marketing automation and promotional tools


Do you know that 91.5 % of Grownups in america own a mobile phone? For teenagers between 18 and 29, this number gets to an astoninishing period as well which is 98%.

Out of all mobile cellphone owners, 81 % of them use their cellphones to send or receive text messages. This is why SMS Marketing is essential to include in your marketing and promotional strategy.

However, text messaging all of your potential customers personally would be a very time-consuming task. This is why Bulk SMS Sending Tool is an important device for you to use.

But how do you plan to use it

With SMS automated, there are several different factors you can do. You can use Bulk SMS Marketing to acquire approval to obtain messages, deliver out mass / bulk messages, and even set up shortcodes to trigger certain reactions and response messages.

Let’s begin with getting approval.

First off, you can’t deliver individuals details unless they they allow that you are permitted to. You can generally do this via a leyword or form, but you can also use a mobile sign up or SMS opt-in.

An SMS Opt In indicates getting a keyword or any specific key phrase. Ranksol SMS marketing plugin allows customers of users to optin into a campaign with keywords quickly. Once you have the keyword  you need to set up your “join” and “optin message” details. These details are mandatory because the information and details users needs such as how to get in touch with you and how to opt out of the messages. Again, Ranksol sms marketing plugin makes this simple by offering documentation of how to structure these details.

Now that your keywords are all set up, you can share and promote it to your clients and customers. When customers text you with that keyword, they will be added to your optin list and you can send them sms text messages.

Now onto bulk / mass messages sending

It’s a general assumption and as per analytics / reporting, most sms messages are opened within three minutes of being received. As a result this makes SMS the ideal opportunity for information you want your clients to read right away.

So, let’s say you have a big sale or promotion coming up next 7 days and you want to let your customers know to avail this opportunity and enjoy discounts. Since you now have the opted-in list, you can setup an automated campaign and can send messages to them automatically. Setup an automated campaign and write the content want to appear in the message. Now, choose when you want the SMS campaign to deliver. The texts will deliver at that day and time and your customers will be informed.

But, what about when customers text you back?

Recently after the latest launch we have introduced that big change in our wordpress sms marketing plugin, after a customer has completed the opt-in process, you can still proceed and continue to use your keyword and connect with them. You can set up automated responses to deliver to customers who text you for information. For example, as if you are a customer who wants to know what hours you could set up a short code keyword for that.

You can still use your own unique keyword but also add the phrase “Working Hours.”

Set up a SMS Marketing Campaign to react / respond with your business timing or hours of operation when a client or customer text you “KEYWORD” + “Working Hours.” You can do triggers like this for any other information you think your clients and customers may want.

Another perfect example of this would be A restaurant introduces new flavors of pizza recently, With those customers who are not opted in any of their mobile sms marketing campaigns. You may send them keyword and ask them to opt in for upcoming special deals and offers.

Now with those customers who are opted in with that campaign, you can use their data and create a campaign with keyword. “New Flavors” + “50% off” this is also another example for how you can trigger and send information to your customers.

Interested in our product but don’t want to purchase right away without demo?

Don’t worry here is the link to our products demo. For a detailed overview; check out ranksol sms marketing plugin functionality.