How to use mobile sms marketing and messaging in your tourism and marketing strategy

SMS Marketing and messaging is an immediate form of interaction that is becoming popular for organizations and companies to use in order to link or connect with clients and customers. Businesses in the travel and tourism industry should also be using this as a part of their mobile marketing strategy.

Please have a look at below mentioned top three ways which you can use as a mean of marketing in your tourism industry: now you can mobile sms marketing messages in your tourism campaigns as well.

1) Use search phrases and keywords for your help / beneficial tips.

Keywords are great for offering to visitors to text in to you in order to get beneficial suggestions. When a guest books their journey, simply just provide them with a keyword or phrase to use. When they text in this keyword and key phrase, respond with beneficial suggestions and ways to help them prepare for their journey / trip. This helps you out in interacting with your visitors before the trip even starts.

2) Provide visitors and guests with future occasional / event reminders

Tourists that come to your area are not going to be acquainted with all future activities around them. Motivate your visitors to opt-in into the activities in your area by offering reminders about them. SMS Marketing Messages can be sent out to guests that have signed up for SMS Communications the day before the event. This way the events and activities are clean in the tourist’s mind right before they even start up their journey.

3) Provide customized details about the area

Like how visitors are not going to be conscious of any future activities, they are also not going to be acquainted with local history / background and information. Provide visitors the right details via SMS to help them get to know more about the area they are going to. You may even pop out this information over a period of your time while the visitors / tourists are in your location.

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