Have you ever considered that you are wasting your money?

Employee Retention Challenges

The issue is the lack of respect, compassion and love. or the inability to be heard. This is usually the sign and the emotion that is reflected beneath it leads into the source of issue. Retention of employees is similar.
Engagement is not high or high levels of turnover which can be so expensive for businesses is a sign of a larger issue, however the root of the issue isn’t taken care of. If the real issue isn’t solved, no matter how well your retention program is, it’s never going to succeed and you’re wasting cash away.

When we think of people who are dedicated to their work or cause such as entrepreneurs and volunteers are excellent examples. We observe them working for long hours with little or no compensation. They do this because they value it so deeply. It’s an integral aspect that makes them who they’re and that’s something many companies do not realize.

 Employees are able to fulfill at least a portion of their mission by working for the organizations they work for. However, If they aren’t able to see the way they’re doing it through their work, they’ll not be able to maintain the same degree of satisfaction that they might otherwise. This means that they’ll likely to seek the same level of engagement elsewhere.

 Instead of pouring cash into retention programs for employees What if companies began by creating an inspiring vision that inspires employees to be a part of it when they are told about it and then defining the core values that will guide this vision?

 These two factors give people the motivation to feel happy about the business they work for. when values are at the center of everything that is done within the company Employees will also be able to follow a clear and simple set of guidelines for how they should behave and how to act in a responsible manner within the company. If people are confident that they’re doing what’s right and that everyone in their vicinity does the same, they’ll be more comfortable and satisfied. That means they’ll be more likely to remain. This is something I’ve learned through my journey in business through my business, Kardia.

 If companies invest into creating programs that assist their employees understand and define their personal values as well as how they align with the work they perform retention will be greater since each employee would be able to clearly discern the ways and reasons why the organization they work for is in alignment with their personal values and assists them in reaching their ultimate ambitions for their life.

 Additionally they will be more able to gauge their personal and professional achievement towards their objectives. In that scenario what would make them be tempted to quit?

 Retention problem solved!

 And, whatever else you can add to an employee retention program is the an added bonus and makes it more appealing to keep them.


 Employee retention programs will perform much better if they are from the right spot. Before you decide to allocate an additional budget for your plan check to see if your employees know the overall goals of the business? Is the vision compelling? Does your entire team share the values you hold dear? If you answered “no” to one or more of these, you should start with the first. Then develop your retention plan after.