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Team at Buzz Applications is considered the best in creating WordPress plugins. From time to time we keep on introducing different kinds of WordPress plugins for our valuable clients. As you know the communication is the main field of interest for our development team, so we have done exclusive works in it. “Nimble Communicator” is one of the master pieces from our house of development. It is a mixture of voice communication and texting at large. We also have its different versions as separate web based application but for the sake of convenience it is now available as WordPress plugin. There are many cool features of this plugin. Let’s have a look on them.

 Nimble Communicator

By using Nimble Communicator plugin businesses can publish their special offers within their locality via SMS marketing. They can also on air their deals and contests. It is an interesting and easy way to introduce your business to the public at large. The rest of the salient characteristics are as follows:


Add unlimited Subscribers:

You can add unlimited subscribers to your list and can send unlimited messages to your subscribers. There are several methods to add the subscribers like by short codes, by web signup and by manually entering a number.


Create unlimited Campaigns:

You can create unlimited campaigns according to your requirements. Making Different campaigns for different promotions makes marketing easy and skimmed. You can add subscribers to your multiple campaigns and can send SMSs to them.


Auto Responders:

Admin can set auto responders for his every campaign. Whenever a subscriber sends him message an auto responder will be sent immediately. It makes the communication really Nimble. You can add unlimited auto responders separately for every campaign.


Buy Local or Toll Free numbers:

Admin can buy any local or toll free number from Twilio right from this plugin. He never needs to log in to Twilio website for that. It makes the operation easy and handy for the admin.


Separate Messages:

Admin can set different messages for subscription or Non-subscription, Greetings and responders. He can also set voice greetings and many other recorded messages for his first interface of the application.


Calendar activities / Scheduling:

By using this feature an admin can schedule his future messages and can send them later on whenever he wants. He can set schedulers for every campaign and every number separately.


Calls and SMS Reports:

User can obtain detailed report for his usage history anytime. These reports help to manage the resources and can be helpful for controlling and billing purposes.

 Nimble Phone System