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Why Mobile SMS Marketing Is Gaining Popularity & Why you choose to use sms marketing in India


According to a recent survey;  by mobile and SMS Marketing and advertising agencies. Currently, there are over 929.37 million mobile phone subscribers and users in India. According to a study performed by Nielsen Cellular Ideas, there are over 28 million smart-phone customers in urban cities of india. At present, SMS is a popular method for providing value Included Services (VIS) in India. It is approximated that around 21.13% urban Indians have used a SMS VIS service. SMS Marketing is no doubt an effective promotional medium in India, displaying conversion rates higher than other conversational channels.


As cell phones are gaining popularity among people, small and large-scale companies have started to rely on cellular promotional means to advertise their products and services. Different types of mobile promotional strategies such as Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), Short Message Service (SMS), Pay Per Call Services, Voice Marketing, Mobile Banner Ads and Cell phone applications are used in India for promotional purpose these days.


However, SMS marketing is getting identification amongst promoters as it is fast, efficient and effective method of interaction and promoting your business and products. Moreover, Short Message Service (SMS) has become a popular method of interaction and promotions among people. It’s an estimation that around a normal native Indian delivers around 30-45 SMS monthly. Since it is inexpensive than other regular promotional ways, SMS Marketing is used often by medium and small-scale enterprises or companies to promote and market their products.


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As SMS Marketing is growing in Native India, small and large scale SMS Marketing programs are growing in whole country to satisfy the unique promotional requirements of companies. Earlier, Native Indian marketers had to rely on SMS Marketing companies to send multiple business and promotional campaign messages but now using bulk SMS Marketing applications and software they are able to gain complete control over their advertising campaigns. As SMS Marketing software and applications has modifying options, users are able to easily schedule and personalize delivery time of their marketing and promotional messages according to their needs.


Another important reason for its growing popularity in India is that SMS Marketing strategies are super simple to manage. Our SMS Marketing plugin has user friendly interface which lets even a novice marketer to make use of it successfully. As it has quicker turn-around time, companies are able to determine the improvement of their advertising strategy within a few weeks and are able to update their strategy soon enough.


These days, bulk SMS Marketing strategy is often used in urban places like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad and declares like much bigger states like Punjab and Gujarat. Besides, it is also getting identified in other small places. Nowadays, different kinds of bulk SMS Marketing software’s are being presented in the market for the improvement of communication in India. SMS Marketing has obtained an explosion in many other over populated countries of the world and still has a lot of potential.


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