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Why Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing Is Growing So Fast


It is very simple to see why Mobile SMS Marketing is suffering from such huge development with small businesses: It’s not expensive, if done in large, and very simple to monitor the reaction. Best of all, it is immediate and customized. Your customers probably get many e-mails each day consisting of marketing and promotions, few of which they will open. The opposite case is applicable to those getting a SMS. As most individuals get few promotions of business and marketing they are more likely to learn the ones they do get. Even if you deliver bulk sms messages each day only a few hundred will read those, and even less will actually respond to your promotional message.


However, if you deliver a written text to many individuals you can be pretty sure that most of them will read it within seconds. The regular transformation or conversion rate of any average SMS message is 20%, which is more than 15 times the e-mail transformation rate.


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Now Do you see the major difference and got attracted?


There are three main aspects that have to be categorized out before you can start using SMS Marketing efficiently. You need:


  • An Excellent promotional offer
  • An Excellent SMS Marketing Service Provider Company
  • Your customers / client’s trust


There is obviously a very valid reason why most mobile phone owners don’t get many marketing offers. As most of us consider our phone numbers to be far more private than our current e-mail addresses, we are more cautious whom we believe in with the details. So, believe in it as the heart of advertising and promotions, to get best return on investment. Individual’s unwilling to give out their mobile phone numbers, especially to companies, indicates the less amount of sms marketing texts they will get. This means that they are more likely to respond to the few marketing texts they do receive. That’s why,  it is so important to gain their trust so that they want to receive promotional sms marketing texts from you.


The question is;  How can you gain their trust and get them to share their mobile phone numbers with you? The answer is to build an excellent connection with current customers, providing excellent service and making exciting products at cost effective rates. SMS marketing may not work well with potential, new customers, who know nothing about your company, but it is a greatly efficient way to bring in repeat business and company to current customers. Below are mentioned 3 types of businesses and companies that get benefit mostly from their mobile SMS Marketing campaigns:


  • Running a restaurant/bar/nightclub some of your potential customers may come a long way to spend their money at your shop, and you’d like them to visit more often. If somehow you manage to get their mobile numbers you will be able to deliver them a promotional sms marketing text every 2 weeks informing them of any special deals on offer for that week, and keep informing and encouraging them to enjoy benefits by this limited time offer.
  • Independent Economical Consultant Inform your potential customers of any new financial product you think they might have an interest in.
  • Bicycle shop owners, promoting new motorbikes, components and spare parts, along with a spare parts shop you offer motorcycle service and repairing too. You can send your customer via mobile sms marketing a promotional message containing a coupon code, and mentioned in your message to get 50% discount by showing it at our shop. As customers have a proper interest in your company and services they will react favorably. This is known as permission-based marketing, and thus the most reliable and cost effective means of marketing system available – if done properly.


All you need is a bit of creativity, and an excellent SMS Marketing Company to improve the service for you.


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