What Does Mobile SMS Marketing & Promotions Include?

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Mobile SMS Marketing is one of the most spectacular ways of attaining clients through the method of SMS. Using a web-based program like an application or sms plugin, you can deliver bulk text messages to your registered clients or customers who opt in for that sms campaign. You can also set up strategies where discount rates are sent instantly eventually, engage with clients in surveys and polls, or even run a free giveaway competition.

However, you must be thinking what more can be done with a single method, right? There’s a lot more in store than it seems, read on to know. Here are some additional things you can do with mobile sms marketing and promotions

Discount Coupon Codes

Send your faithful customers or clients unique deals. Exclusively generated discount coupon codes that you market across to your customers prevent non-subscribers from getting all the benefits of your deals.

Mobile Marketing Drip Campaigns

Automated mobile messages can be forwarded depending on how your clients have subscribed at your campaigns. In this perspective of discount coupons and codes, for example, you may deliver a 15% off in your mobile sms coupons right after registering, a 20% voucher after 3 weeks and a 50% off coupon code after 2 months of your consumer’s subscribing. This runs successfully as soon as a person signs up, so you don’t have to keep delivering those promotional messages to each and every individual.

Audience Polls

By forwarding your clients text messages containing your marketing and promotional keywords to your clients can throw an audience poll to be chosen by your audience wisely. Most solutions let you run surveys where you gather consumers and client’s responses over a period of time and graph them from your online dashboards. Incredible isn’t it.


You can also split clients into categories & groups depending on which keyword and search term they reacted to, how they responded to, depending on their area code and more. Portioning your clients lets you deliver exact targeted coupon codes and discount rates, which is more personal and they will correspond with it too.

Send Multimedia Messages

Multi-media mobile sms marketing Service (MMS) Marketing is a fairly new development in which you can deliver pictures and high definition video clips to your clients as well. This is especially useful if you want to deliver an elegant flyer or colorful business card to any client or customer.

Targeted Marketing

Send out different marketing and promotional messages to all clients and customers depending on their exact location and place. For example: If a person is near around your place, you can deliver them a promotional message telling them about the meal of the day or discount rates available at your cafe.

Always remember, Customers should be provided an opportunity to easily opt out any time from any promotional and marketing campaign. Mostly sms marketing solutions are installation this way automatically. You will, however, have to emphasize clients the opt out phrase – i.e. “Reply STOP to opt out of marketing and promotional campaign”.