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Twilio Text Messaging

Twilio Text Messaging have became an essential communication channel, in which we can do conversations through text messages. In fact, mobile phone is such a device which minimized the distances and closed the whole world. Now, we are able to send or receive text messages from anywhere in the world.

Twilio is serving its client from several years, to keep in mind its client’s need, Twilio just improved its SMS text messaging services and bring an innovation in its services.

In the previous years, Twilio was just providing Text Messaging limit of 160 characters, but recently it revised its services and increased the character limit to 1600 and now text messages are rolling out in multiple messaging. Also it modify its price plan, all inbound and outbound text messages from US Twilio numbers will be 25% lower – $.0075 inbound and outbound.

Outgoing Messages

For outgoing messages, concatenated messages are supported when sending messages to telephone numbers in United States and Canada. With the Messages Resource URI, you can send messages holding up to 1600 characters. When a client sends its request, Twilio will auto segment messages with more than 160 characters and the messages will be immediately reassembled on the client end handset.

Incoming Messages

For incoming messages that are greater than 160 characters, the sending delivery service will fragment the message behind the scenes before carrying them to us, so Twilio will treat them as separate incoming messages and deliver them to your application in the order we receive them.

Web Services And Telecommunications

Twilio serving in the communication API platform is reinventing telecom by consolidating the universes of distributed computing, web services and telecommunications. Twilio allowed its developers to integrate the voice and text messages into the web, mobile and telephony applications. Twilio is working in the various voice, text, conferences, photo message and IVR etc.

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