Twilio SMS Short Code

Twilio is now offering the Twilio SMS Short Code Service, this useful feature allows the user to send high volume SMS messages to a vast number of people in a very small amount of time. This feature is very much useful for those who want to reach more and more message recipients in a small amount of time. Twilio SMS short code feature has been in use by many Twilio services user in order to maintain the fast pace marketing in a better and more organized way.

Short Message Service By Twilio

The way this Twilio SMS short code works is quite easy to understand. First up the contact list is converted into shorter codes and the whole numbers are shortened down to codes consisting of no more than 5 or 6 digits at the time. This allows the user to send or receive SMS through a portable phone or device as well as the contact list that is quite easy to handle when it is shortened down.

Coding Integration

Coding the contact list Twilio SMS short code allows the user to maintain the record easily and go through the SMS sent or receiving record with quite an ease. This feature allows the admin and user to maintain the fast paced SMS delivery or receipt involving less time and effort.


Twilio SMS short code allows the user to send close to 30 SMS per second that is way more than the conventional 1 message per second. This was the one aspect that allows the Twilio SMS short code to work faster, the other side of the same facility is the short coding of the content of the message. So whether you are having a emoji or a knaji or any other content in your SMS, Twilio SMS short ocde generates a unique short code for everything. Every part of the content of message is broken in short codes that allows the Twilio SMS short code services to  send the message at a very fast pace. This allows the user to handle much more numbers of SMS messages than through any other mean.

Benefits Of Our Common Short Code Service

The use of Twilio SMS short code is as vast as your imagination, so whether it comes to marketing or advertising or it is about sending out any sort of information. No matter if you are managing polls or gathering feedbacks, Twilio SMS short code services lets you have the advantage of all at a very fast pace without being annoyed about the time and effort that you might have to take in sending the SMS at slower rate. So now you can reach a far more costumers or handle much more subscribers, in a very small amount of time than what you had been using to send the same messages for. This feature is best used in the API developed through our team of Twilio experts and you can get it made right according to your need and requirements. There are also lots of other facilities and services that you can reach involving Twilio short codes and its other features through the team of Twilio experts at Rank Sol Web Solutions that’s just a click away from you.

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