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Twilio Picture Messaging Service


Twilio Picture Messaging have made communication easy and fast, made usable to send or receive messages and be connected with your loved ones, friends and it can also be used for business purposes. But still some time, there is a need to explain our feelings, expression by visuals; in this regard we often use MMS (Multi Media Message) for sending and receiving images.

Twilio Services History

In the past, Twilio offered so many services for their mobile phone and traditional phone users like text messages and voice calls. Recently we have launched new service of Twilio’s Picture Messaging, now a mobile phone user can share a picture message or any photo with its loved ones. Twilio allowed its customer to send and receive photos or any kind of picture messages. In short, Twilio-based apps can now send receive pictures from a phone’s regular old text message client. To facilitate the mobile user, Twilio serve with its fantastic mobile app “Twilio Picture Message” which is similar with Instagram, from where we can send, receive and share the photos.

Innovation Turns Into Reality

For almost  25 years, Twilio Applications has been well-known as services provider based on voice and content informing. Nonetheless, distinguishing that people are used to visuals, the organization chose to move into pictures.

Developers can add this feature to the client websites and mobile phone apps immediately by editing a few lines. It supports a couple of files including JPEG,GIF and PNG. This feature requires one time activation fee $500 and its pricing will be $0.02 outbound and $0.01 inbound.

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