Twilio Features: Making the World a Safer Place

Twilio Features Making The World Safer

Man, since his earliest times of existence has been evolving and trying to make his world a better place for coming generations to live in. However, in a nutshell, the technological progress has only been in two fields, we have come up with new means of Fast Communication. Every other technological progress basically leads to these two main progresses. In this age of modern technology, the means of fast communication where we have opened new gateways for better life, there have also been some new challenges to overcome. Life has become more fragile and world is now more unsafe; however, everyone is still trying to play their role in making this world a better and safer place for the coming generations.

Twilio as being the world’s leading Cloud Communication Company also realizes the importance of life safety and it has designed it services to provide Twilio features for safety, such as Twilio SMS and MMS services, Twilio Call tracking and IVR services as well as its Twilios APIs and Twilios Android Applications. Now it is all on the users how they use these Twilios features to make their business and services safer.

Let’s take a look at some of Twilio uses that are used to provide safer services to their clients.

  • Twilios anonymous call setup is being used by many of its clients worldwide. Lyft is a ride sharing portal for anyone to sign up and provide services around community to make a good living. It has allowed everyone to start making some extra bucks, however whenever the driver has to sign up, Lyft has to make sure that the driver they are putting on their portal is not involved in any shady activity and has a clean record. Lyft runs a whole DVM record check about the driver before putting it up on Lyft that all happens through Twilios features and services. Similarly they use Twilios anonymous calling setup to ensure privacy for the users.
  • Twilio also allows its users to set up Twilio phone verification to prevent spam or fraud, this allow the users to put Twilio features to a better and safer use without being annoyed and approached by any dubious activities.
  • Twilio certainly takes an interest in using the customer’s feedback to enhance its services and features this allows the users to have a better and safe environment to work in right according to their convenience. Right around the end of year 2014, Twilio introduced another of Twilio features that allowed the users to Delete call records, SMS bodies through Twilio API services. This allowed the users to use the API logs in a better way as the unnecessary call record will not show up in the API logs anymore.

Using these and many other Twilio features for safety and privacy you can make sure that you find your progress in just the right and safer way.

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