Twilio and Facebook Join Hands

Facebook’s project FbStart, gives a platform to the new and fresh mobile developers everything that they need to enhance their abilities and provides them with the tools for making a successful mobile application.  Launching a mobile phone app had always been a hassled and hard process for those who are making it, as well as those managing it. Keeping this all in view, Facebook launched its FbStart Service that played a pivotal role in making the process easy and much less painstaking. Facebook has been able to join much of the giants from industry in order to make this project a success. That includes Adobe, Dropbox, Animoto and Twilio as well.

Our Efforts In Making That Possible

Twilio, as being the pioneer of telephony industry and guru in the cloud communication also becomes a part of this venture where the services are focused to be delivered to the sector of the emerging application developers that are keen to have the best and successful career in this industry. Twilio has come up with some of the most useful and easy to understand, as well as, easy to use feature for not only API but also for the mobile application industry that allows the developers to use the facility in such as way that they can get the best results out of it at very ease.

Twilio Facebook Service API

Twilio and FbStart jointly offers various packages for starting off into the field, to have the best at the start, so they do not have to spend much time learning and getting used of the techniques in their later ventures. The developers and firms operating are basically divided into 3 major categories as follows,

  • Pre-Launch
  • Bootstrap
  • Accelerate

All three categories are ordered in such a way that one does not have to pay more than what they are learning as if they fall in any of the given categories. The rates are economical when it comes to FbStart and one can easily acquire the facility with very ease.

So now you can equip yourself with the best of the market’s tools that are available at the very start of the business venture that you are running and get yourself far ahead in the field.

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