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Top Viruses in Personal Computer History

Virus Alert

Internet has not only provided us with new ways to facilitate our lives, but it has also opened up new doors to the world of catastrophe. Virus in terms of computers and internet is taken as something that makes a direct damage to the computers’ functionality. Computer world has seen some deadly viruses affecting its functionality and credibility time to time. Let’s take a look at some of the most jeopardizing viruses in the history of internet.


I Love You Virus

Most notorious virus of modern internet history, I-LOVE-YOU virus, that was also knows as the LOVE-LETTER-Virus, became a great deal of jeopardy in the year 2000 by affecting up to 45 million computers throughout the world and causing around USD $5.7 Billion loss.

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My Doom VirusAnother of these viruses is MYDOOM that caused a great trouble to Window’s operators in 2004. There’s a rumor about it that this virus was made through paid sources to counter the increasing success of Microsoft. Microsoft in 2004 announced $250,000 reward for providing officials with any information leading to the creator of this virus. However the maker of this virus is still unknown. 


The year was 2003 when this virus was launched causing a great trouble to the users of windows operating system as it penetrated through the email and other internet links into the computer and made a great mess throughout the system files. Later the year when cures were found for this virus, its other versions such as SOBIG.C were launched that were immune to such cures.Sobig.F

These were of the viruses that are still at the top of the list for causing great damages and making computer life a living hell for the users. The trend of viruses in this modern era has been thrown out due to increased security parameters and better cyber security.

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