Top three mobile marketing and promotion strategies you need to try now

SMS Marketing has been continuously increasing in popularity over the last period of time. As the use of mobile phones and gadgets increased, so did this communication channel. With SMS, you can connect directly with your viewers through a system that is never far away. So, with Mobile SMS Marketing And Promotion, you can do the same factor with the messages your company or organization wants to spread.

Whether you’re new to SMS Marketing or just looking for new ideas and concepts, here are our top three SMS Marketing and Promotional strategies that are sure to bring customers and improve involvement with your brand and product.

Offer Flash Sale & Coupons

Everyone loves to be handled like a VIP so extend and enhance this feeling to your SMS audience / viewers. Offering those exclusive coupons straight to their mobile phones — coupon codes that cannot be found in store. This makes a sense of exclusivity but for one more force, set an expiration date in the near future. This makes a sense of urgency and motivates connections to act fast to take advantage of their unique offer.

Here are a few ideas and messages which you can use in your flash coupon SMS Marketing campaign:

– New, unique offer! Come visit us before this season 1st and get $5 off at your order! Type stop in order to stop receiving messages.

– Save the tax all day today! For SMS Subscribers only! Text stop to halt messages.

– Beat the heat with our unique / exclusive summer deals! Great Sale on all footwear until Wednesday! Write STOP to halt messages.

You’ll notice that all of the messages included in this are “Text STOP to stop messages.” This is very important to add in order to ensure that you are staying compliant with CASL and CAN-SPAM rules and regulations.

Send Appointment Reminders

When people make appointments weeks of even months in advance, it’s possible that with stressful schedules, they date could slide their mind. Help your customers remember future and upcoming appointments and save your company or organization from wasting time off by sending appointment reminders via SMS. You can even get your recipients to ensure their appointment by having them reply to the text message.

Here are a few messages you can use for SMS Marketing And Appointment reminders:

– Hi NAME, don’t forget about your appointment next day at our office. Reply YES to confirm your appointments. Text stop to stop messages.

– You’re scheduled for an appointment the next day at 3:00pm. Please call if you are unable to make it. Text stop to halt messages.

– Please validate your appointment for Wednesday at 9am by responding CONFIRM. Text STOP to end messages.

You’ll see again that “Text STOP to end messages” is included in these messages as well to ensure conformity with professional SMS marketing messages.

Divert Visitors To Your Emails

With SMS Marketing, you are limited to fewer figures than with promotion via e-mail. If there’s long type content you wish to discuss with your contacts but cannot do it through SMS marketing and promotion, deliver them a written text message informing them to check e-mail addresses. Since SMS messages have a higher open rate of amount than e-mails, sending them reminder through a channel they are more likely to see (SMS) will help increase your e-mail open rate! Simply send your e-mail as organized and then deliver a SMS Message within 24 hours to enhance your e-mail.

Here are a few ideas you can use to persuade people to open up their emails:

– Hope you didn’t miss our newsletter! If you did, it’s in your mailbox. Give it a look for exclusive information & contests. Text STOP to end messages.

– Want the newest scoop? Check out your mailbox for the newest message, promotions, and content. Text STOP to end messages.

– Reminder: We sent you an e-mail last day. Check out your e-mail and let us know what you think! Text STOP to halt messages.

As with all other messages, “Text STOP to halt messages” is included because conformity is important regardless of what type of message you are delivering to your connections / contacts.

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