Top ten reasons for businesses to choose mobile sms marketing

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We are living in a new era of mobile communications as compared with our ancestors before us. With all of the attention sweeping on social networks capturing the world, people are also now discussing about the power of mobile SMS Marketing promotions. What can it do for your company and how does it work? We’ll analyze those concerns right now.

SMS stands for short messaging service and is synonymously known as written text. Some even relate to it as mobile marketing. Text Messaging and marketing provides several advantages and benefits to large and small entrepreneurs worldwide.

Some of the advantages consist of new customer acquisition, product and brand awareness, reduced no-shows, and more money in your wallet! SMS Marketing is the least expensive and the biggest transforming way of selling and promoting your business. The ROI is incredible, based on the real time statistics.

What Can You Do With Cellular Advertising Or Mobile Marketing?

1- Create Short Codes

Create short-codes and mobile keywords. An example is written text messages to a certain number of users with a particular term like Hotel. You’ll start to observe this on Radio and TV if you’re being attentive. Text messages are really as a result of adopter level.

2- Keywords Creation

You can develop a list of records with your mobile short-code and keywords. The best part is that mobile and sms marketing has massive conversions / prices vary from 11-30% on average! This is an easy way to overflow your business with visitors. You can publish your mobile keywords and short-code on your website in short time.

3- Send Appointment Reminders

This will reduce no-shows between 60-75%! That is equal to more income for you and your company. Reminders should be sent before each appointment or consultation for optimum efficiency.

4- Send Promotional SMS Marketing Blasts

This will allow you to make incredible offers to your written text data sources. The common & average open rate for SMS Text Messages is 97%! In fact, according to the statistics over 90% of receivers open their messages within 30 minutes. That’s amazing.

5- Implement SMS Marketing Voting

US Idols made this method highly popular and well known. You can use reviewing or voting to give a poll and study your list to get valuable feedback. It’s another helpful device to enhance your business and lets you earn more money.

6- Send Coupons / Discounts

You can use mobile coupons and discounts to get individuals through your gates fast. Everyone loves an offer so give individuals what they want, a particular hook-up. It’s such a simple way to boost up your business basically on-demand if you’re having a slow & time consuming day in the office.

7- Always Get In The Game

If you’re not using mobile SMS marketing you’re losing out on a massive and large opportunity of promoting your business. There are more than 4 times as compared with mobile phone customers that have computers. Mobile phones are like an additional extension of buyers, so what are you waiting for? Grab sms marketing plugin now and take your business to the next level.

8- Industry Segmentation

Population of mobile phone industry is close to 7.2 billion and they’re growing five times quicker than we are. Most of them – if not all- are SMS allowed. Always keep in mind that every professional needs to know that unless the targeted audience is segmented, any SMS campaign is condemned to failure. It is best to differentiate your marketing campaign’s text messages from spam SMS. All you have to do is incorporate your SMS marketing and advertising strategy with the needs of your potential customers and conduct different methods for every team.

9- Customization & timing

Sending custom text SMS Messages is not a benefit provided consistently. Customers must not feel intrusion or interference, while getting a written text. On the contrary, the content needs to be anticipated. The best way to make sure your positive reception is to keep up a not-so-overwhelming regularity and then make your client feel the unique experience when receiving a message. For example: “Stephan! Tomorrow is your lucky day! Take advantage of the coupons for your favorite cafe before it expires!” This way, the content is communicated; your customer feels special and you cut the risk of your SMS message being called junk.

10- Always Be Fascinating

Like any other media-related strategy, your web to SMS Marketing messages needs to be attractive and memorable. The use of terminology or abbreviations will challenge the value of your product and complex marketing messages may prevent the client even reading through the whole SMS. URLs are not good-looking either, so in such cases when they are necessary, it is suggested to use a URL shortner. Remember! An email that is quickly sent to the inbox, improves the responsiveness and positive reception of the next message.

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