Top Most 6 Best Programming Languages of 2016

Top Most 6 Programming Languages

This is one of those questions which have been continuously asked by new comers, as well as professionals. As with many essential questions, the reply is not easy. There are many aspects that should be taken as a key aspect while determining a development terminology to understand. Technology advances in matter of weeks and by the time you become professional in a particular technological innovation, it can already be considered outdated. Another very essential thing to keep in mind is that development ‘languages’ differ significantly with regards to performance and complexness. The response to what development terminology you should understand majorly relies upon the type of process you want to carry out. For example, if you are creating some fixed web-based program, you might need to understand easy HTML. On the other hand, if you want to build a more powerful program with innovative abilities, you might need to understand ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby On Rails, or Javascript associated with proper frameworks. Pc and mobile apps have different specifications as well.

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In addition to that, another exciting part of development that we have observed is that not only developers and software engineers have an interest in learning new development ‘languages’, but people from totally different parts of society are also into it. Lately, we have come across a PhD specialist with psychology as a research and analysis area. He was directed by his supervisor to understand some innovative development terminology because he would be required to show off his analysis result in form of an application program. He was also asking the same query about what from where he should start. That reveals that development is not restricted to developers, with extensive practice and attention, anyone, yes anyone, can become a programmer.

Now back to the top 6. We have made the decision to gather a list of development ‘languages’ that can be beneficial in determining which to engage in, and have also added a number of common “developer types” or “tracks” that you could become or experience. You should have a look at these ‘languages’ and decide which best suitable for you. So, let’s get started.

1-  PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the most commonly used ‘languages’ used to create powerful sites. PHP was designed in 1995 and is a server-side scripting terminology meaning that PHP rule is prepared on the server and end result is sent to the consumer of the website in the way of simple HTML.

PHP is an open-source terminology meaning that there are many already designed segments that can be customized to accomplish the preferred performance. Also, PHP is simple to learn; you simply have to include the rule inside HTML. And if there was anything left, there are many PHP systems available such as Joomla !, , and Drupal that allow you to create sites even more ideally. PHP is one terminology that every developer should understand if he or she programs to engage in a web developer’s profession. PHP is also a fundamental element of the popular LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) system that Facebook or myspace, Google, and other popular sites use. PHP has a huge job market, though not much extremely compensated when in comparison to ASP.NET developers; PHP designers locate reasonable tasks. Some simple extensive guides are available at World Wide Web Relating PHP.

2-  C++ (C-Plus-Plus) 

C++ 1

C++ was created in 1983 which is often considered item focused form of C terminology. C++ is one of the most commonly used ‘languages’ of the world with many awesome programs designed through it. Search engines Firefox, Mozilla Firefox, Winamp, and the complete package of Adobe Software were designed using C++. Apart from that, several innovative games and operating-system – like Microsoft Windows – have been created in C++ due to its quick handling and collection procedure. Also, C++ designers are in very popular requirement in the job market and the number of openings is increasing. You can visit many online tutorials at the web relating C++ for how to learn how to program in this rapidly growing programming language.

3- Asp.Net Programming Language

ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web program structured for web design to generate powerful web pages. It was created by Microsoft Company to allow developers to build powerful web sites, web applications and web services.

Top 5 Programming Languages

It was first launched in Jan 2002 with edition 1.0 of the .NET Framework, and is the heir to Windows Effective Server Pages (ASP) technology. ASP.NET is constructed on the Common Terminology Playback (CLR), enabling developers to create ASP.NET rule using any reinforced .NET language. The ASP.NET SOAP expansion structure allows ASP.NET elements to process SOAP information.

4-  JavaScript


Server sided ‘languages’ are great for creating complicated web programs but executing every process on server places lots of load at server. For this reason most of the designers often assign some part of their performance to customers and for this objective JavaScript is used. JavaScript is a client side programming language that operates inside a customer web browser and process instructions on customer computer rather than server which results in reduced fill on server and improved application’s performance rate. JavaScript has been designed by Netscape and there is hardly any website that doesn’t make use of JavaScript. Though, JavaScript alone will not help you having a job but if you are looking to engage in a professional career, JavaScript is a must understand terminology along with some innovative server part scripting terminology.

5-  Python

Python 1

Python is another high-level programming language and is often regarded on the easiest terminology to learn, due to its convenience, legibility and simple format. Python was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. Python wasn’t used that commonly in the past; however, the terminology has seen great increase in reputation in the previous decades due to Google’s investment in that particular language for more than a decade. Currently, some extremely popular and effective websites are working in python such as pinterest, instagram, and rdio. Like, PHP, Python also has associated web frameworks through which they are making more effective programs. Django is another effective platform which empowers the sites and through which you could have actually imagine that how far python have gone.

6-  Java

Java - Top Most 6 Programming Languages

Java (Programming Language) was originated by Wayne Gosling, in 1990 at Sun Microsystems. Java further increases the capabilities of C++. It is often said that Java owes a lot to C and C++ in conditions of features and abilities. The special thing about Java is that this is the first object oriented programming language. Java originated on the key of WORA i.e. “Write Once Run Anywhere”. This function increases the mobility of Java. You just need to gather Java Source rule once and then on any device where JVM (Java Virtually Exclusive Machine is installed), you can run that code regardless of the actual operating system and components.

Java Programming Language is used to build up corporate level application and video games; it can be employed to build up web based applications when used with JSP (Java Server Pages). Java has huge job market with eye-catching incentives. This is a must learn terminology for every developer. The final information to Java for new comers can help you expert this terminology. (Visit World Wide Web For Free Online Tutorials Relating Java)

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