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Top 3 Design Trends You Will See Everywhere In 2016


Web designing has gotten up to the whole new level in the past few years. There has been a lot of change and a lot of innovation that has taken this industry to new heights and this vast expansion of web design industry brought a non ending introduction of new and improved web designs. The year 2016 is also coming up with new and innovative web designs that you may see everywhere on internet in no time. Let’s take a look at some of these designs and see what we need to learn and what we might come across this year.


Design Trends

HQ pictures at the background with slim fonts at the front. Yes, this is going to take over your screens this year. However it has already been used in the previous years as well. People prefer using handheld devices for surfing the internet these days this designing edge provides with a better and high quality result with easier navigation. A Cinema-graph also given an illusion of moving pictures that adds in further touch of perfection in the graphical interface

Less Text More Illustrations

Design Trend Illustrations

Another designing technique that seems to take up as being a leading design trend this year is the use of more and more illustration and lesser text content. Designing industry has been revolutionized after the introduction and abundance of hand held devices. The options are now limitless for the user to come up with various design that includes icons, illustration and many other forms of design that one can add into the website to make it more interesting and more appealing.

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Big And Bold Fonts

Big And Bold Fonts Design Trends

Another design trend that is being prevailed a lot in the coming season is to use bigger and bolder fonts to grab user’s attention at very instance. This design trend has been used much for fashion oriented websites, as well as infotainment websites. Bigger fonts provide the brand its identity and when used with vibrant colors bigger and bolder font grabs better attention from the person seeing it.


These are the three design trends that are predicted to prevail among the users this year. However there has already been a use of these design trends in a lot of new and existing websites and still more designers seem to shift towards these designs.

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