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Top 10 Chrome Extensions
Web Design And Development

Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Designers And Developers

There are thousands of free Google Chrome extensions to help make your life simpler – we have chosen some of the most useful and helpful extensions for designers and developers.

Mozilla Firefox has long been well known for its customizability and variety of additions, but Google Chrome has obtained a lot of reputation in the past several years among web designers and developers. One of the reasons for this is its speed and built-in designer resources. And now, with a growing assortment of Chrome extensions that’s growing by the day, it’s becoming the top most priority for many web designers and developers.

Web Developer Checklist

Web Developing Checklist 1

Main Feature: You can easily Fix Problem with this useful Google Chrome Extension.

This tool allows you to check if your web-pages are following best exercise when it comes to SEO, functionality, availability as well as (page speed). So, if, for example, you don’t have an H1 tag on a website or if a website is losing its Meta descriptions or Meta Keywords, it will inform you so you can fix the problem easily. If you simply select ‘more details and help’ weblink at the end of the extension you will get more in-depth guidelines.

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Dev Tools Auto-save

Dev Tools Autosave 1

Main Feature: Instantly auto save any changes to a page CSS and JS to its resource file

An ultimate extension for all web designers out there, Dev-Tools auto-save allows you to automatically save any changes that you are making to any websites CSS and JS via chrome Dev tools atmosphere to its resource computer file. It’s simple to set up and use and it will help by reducing a considerable time of your work.


Top Ten Chrome Extensions

Main Feature: With Color-Zilla you can get shade studying from any point of view in your Google chrome browser.

The Color-Zilla Google Chrome extension is a high level eyedropper, color picker, slope creator and more useful color tools that will help you not in your design but also in your web browser window.

Page Ruler

Page Ruler 1

Main Feature: Draws appropriate pixel dimensions to get pixel measurements and placement with Web page Ruler.
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Page ruler is a useful tool for accurately calculating the components on any website, then adjusting it for your benefit. Draw a ruler to get pixel measurements and placement.


Web Developer

Web Development 1

Main Feature: The Web Developer extension provides a variety of useful dev tools

As a web developer or programmer you might ask yourself how you were living without this extension. It contributes a plug-in to Google Chrome with many useful web designer resources. It’s the formal slot of Web Designing extension for chrome.


YSlow 1

Main Feature:  YSlow basically informs you what’s reducing the speed of your web page down

It doesn’t just check what is your business websites actual load time, it also informs you what, if any-thing, is reducing it down. Yslow tests your web-page against 23 of the 34 guidelines recognized by Yahoo’s efficiency group. It’s an extremely useful device to analyze web-pages and it also indicates ways to increase their efficiency.

What Font

What Font 1

Main Feature: What font style are they using? The What Font Google Chrome extension can tell you!

One of the interesting and useful Chrome extensions, What Font allows developers and designers to get the print style being used on a website. So, if you came across a fancy-looking font that you want to use in one of your upcoming tasks, just float over it to get out immediately which font it is.

Window Resizer

Windows Resizer 1

Main Feature: This Chrome extension re-sizes browser main window in order to replicate various resolutions

This chrome extension is very helpful that does exactly as it says on the tin – resizes your web browser window to help you with your sensitive website styles. Choose from a list of popular monitor or Led’s dimensions or add customized dimensions and solutions for improved precision.


CSS - Shack 1

Main Feature: This extension allows you to create level designs and through this tool you may even export those into a CSS file.

This highly versatile and effective Google chrome extension allows you to create styles then export or copy them into a CSS file using on your site. It facilitates level and contains a variety of various tools that you are using to create your regular images.

PHP Ninja Manual

Php Development 1

Main Feature:  Complete Projects PHP documentation / certification you need without exiting the browser

It could be difficult to remember every operand. So, if you’ve been spending hours looking for specific PHP features on search engines, this extension is full of un-limited features to draw your attention. The PHP Ninja Manual provides you with all the PHP documentation / certification with illustrations in eight ‘languages’ without even exiting your browser.









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