Statistics Of Mobile SMS Marketing Which You Might Not Know

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Mobile gadgets and cell phones have been around in the market for a while now; cell phones are really beginning to take off. In 2015, more that 1billion phones were shipped within the year for the upcoming one. Along with this, many organization and companies are not using or even taking any advantage of mobile SMS Marketing. Below are mentioned some of the most spectacular and influential researches that will show you how big impact a SMS promotion can have on any business and company.

Owing a mobile phone

5.3 billion Out of the 6.8 billion individuals on the earth now uses mobile phone technology and in their hands posses a mobile phone. That’s one of the biggest markets in the world. By the way, latest gadgets and technology is more important to some individuals than their personal hygiene, as only 4.2 billion individuals own a tooth brush. As a professional, it also means you must not just be focusing on mobile phones. Remember that some of your viewers will only have a primary cell cellphone, but they will still be able to obtain SMS information.

Immediate Response Rate

Generally, it requires less than 60 minutes for someone to actually respond to an email, but of course some individuals might requires hours or days to even look at it. With sms marketing message, the immediate response time is not more than 56 seconds. A lot of individuals take their cell phones everywhere with them and therefore are quite likely to see any text message immediately. Not everyone assess out their e-mails and even when they do, they might not be able to reach out to it immediately. With a written text message, individuals can respond in just no time and as quickly as possible no matter wherever they are.

Extremely High Open Rates

Around 98% of all the SMS Marketing messages are started out, but only 19% of e-mails are considered and are even looked at. While e-mail promotions obviously have its benefits, it seems that your sms message is much more likely to be considered and taken in if it’s provided via SMS Plugin. It’s one of the most similar tales for public networking too; only 13 % of Facebook and 29 % of twitter posts are studied. Remember that it’s fairly difficult for someone to disregard they have a written text, but because countless numbers of public networking websites are released every day, your clients will probably just scroll down most of them.

Consumers And Clients Always Receive SMS messages

Not every message is a marketing and promotional message and there’s no surety that it’s also be liked by your clients and customers. Around 76% of individuals would like to receive promotional offers and discounted coupons to them via SMS, rather than watch advertisements on mobile phones while they are browsing and surfing at the World Wide Web. It’s natural to get a mobile sms message, but individuals don’t like advertisements getting in the way of their daily routine life. By providing individuals with a choice to opt in or opt out, you’re making them feel like they’re in control of the mobile sms messages they see, instead of pushing those sms marketing messages at their phones by force.

Mobile SMS Marketing Loyalty Programs Or Free Promotional Webinar Work

Perhaps it’s time to pass on with conventional marketing and promotional ways like presenting your customers and clients with traditional credit card points to clients commitment programs to SMS. Over  (60 per cent) of customers would be very glad and will show interest in SMS loyalty programs. Moreover, 89% of customers showed their interest to such such promotional webinars and loyalty programs. Always keep in mind that mobile SMS Marketing can be used for a lot more than just dispatching advertisements and sending out promotional offers.


More than 65% of your mobile customers don’t receive or gets SMS Marketing messages from their most favorite brands and shops. This reveals many companies missing out on an enormous industry. If someone’s a fan of your product, possibilities are that they’ll want to get promotional and advertising sms messages from you and you should probably take care of this. Always make your clients and customers experience unique and versatile with an enormous SMS Marketing strategy that benefits them with exquisite and discounted deals to them. It clearly sends out a message to them that you’ve value them as a client, and you are much more likely to keep your long lasting client and customer forever.

If these statistics display anything, it’s that you could be missing out on a lot of your business revenue by not making SMS Marketing as a big part of your advertising and marketing strategy. Like The Burger King And Coca Cola company says that they usually spends 69% and 72% of their marketing and advertising budget on SMS Marketing and it’s easy to see why. Not only can it generate great results aimed at your website and in result generates more revenue but it can also help in maintaining your client’s and customers loyalty as well.