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SMS And Social Media Usage
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Social Media Marketing Stats !

SMS And Social Media Marketing Stats: Which One Is More Productive?

Is has always been a point of great debate among the marketer that which marketing strategy is worth spending time and money on with better and productive results. There have been a lot of different marketing strategies developed by the modern marketing experts out of which SMS marketing and Social Media Marketing are the one used the most. Both marketing trends have a great number of audiences to hit to and both posses their own unique features in order to get the best productive results with higher ROI. But does either one of these two have an edge on the other? Let’s carry out a statistical analysis about various aspects of both marketing strategies to find a conclusion about which one has a better edge than the other.

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Social Media Marketing Stats

Mobile Phone UsersMobile Phone Users

According to the latest statistics that are almost 234 Million mobile devices users in USA that means 73% of USA’s population is directly or some how indirectly connected with mobile phone networks and has access to receive and send SMS messages. Means every almost 7 out of 10 people, no matter they have a direct or indirect access to SMS services. This gives huge market for SMS Marketing to touch.

Social Media Users

According to statistics almost 70% of USA’s population has an access to internet out of which only 61% tend be connected with social media that leaves is around 133 Million users that may use social media including different websites and forums that leaves around 42% of the total population that uses social media through internet. It means that almost every 4 out of 10 people may have a social media account.Social Media Users

SMS And Social Media Usage

Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement

An average mobile phone user takes a look at his/her phone around 150 times per day. Yes, that right. That’s how much time an average mobile phone user spends on a phone daily.


Internet EngagementInter

Combining activities of the entire internet user around USA, it was observed that around 52% of Facebook users, login to their accounts every day, and no more 57% of Email Users check their Emails daily


These were a few statistical comparisons between SMS and Social media marketing that can be helpful for the user to decide which of the marketing strategy is better for them.

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