Twilio Short Code SMS Sending Application

Our Innovation

Sending sms is the fastest way of communication, because we can help you out in sending bulk messages and to properly advertise your business with our special marketing and management applications.  To get high rate of interest and opening of a message, it is very important to send the message quickly to all of your targeted audience. We can send quick and fastest messages by our SMS Short Code Applications. Short codes are the code containing 5 or 6 digit number, which is simple and easy to remember.


Short codes, are used for sending a large number of text messages in a fast way. By using short codes, you can send a message on hundreds of different numbers at a time. The number of messages could reach upto 1800, which is a big deal and something that is available in our only services.

Our Efforts

Our professional and most devoted team of programmers have made this possible after a lot of research and hard work. Being able to reach out to as many as 1800 people with just one message is really a fruitful thing for the multinational companies out there. This is an offer that you can’t get from another development and applications handling company all across the globe.

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