SMS Marketing Strategies In 2016 – Fuel Your Campaigns With Actionable Marketing Plans

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There are lots of online marketing and promotional programs. Most of our efforts and time is usually invested in most noticeable channels: search ads, displaying ads, search engine optimization, social media marketing, e-mail marketing and content promotions.

Of course there are key techniques that are entitled to a lot of attention, it can sometimes mean that other smaller but similarly highly effective programs fail. One of these off topic programs is something that most of the prospective clients and customers (and probably anyone that you know) use every day: SMS Marketing messages.

Think about it: You send text messages at least a couple of written text messages each and every day.
Even with competitors from communicating applications like Facebook, myspace, hangouts, whatsapp & we chat, people globally still delivers more than 350 billion text messages per month.


Because mobile SMS messages are feasible; and can be delivered easily, whereas other applications face problems with system interface and internet connection.

For your exact and right mobile marketing and business, SMS Marketing can be a low competition standard of main business and marketing opportunities. Below are mentioned some important reasons for why you should enhance your marketing with SMS messages.

Basically Mobile SMS Marketing Is Permission-Based

Mobile SMS Marketing and promotion is like (needs approval before start). Email marketing in that regard need customers approval. Mobile customers have to opt in before you send them your marketing and promotional message.

This design determines trust between the consumers and customers. Because all subscribers and campaign members accept to participate in and stay on the list, it’s safe to think that customers thought your SMS messages are really useful and helpful.

Initially SMS Is Mobile Based Term

Because text messages were intended for mobile, customers naturally understand its advantages and restrictions. Many web applications, on the other hand, were designed as simple websites and were later designed for mobile phones.

In other terms, there are no further distractions or curves in customers interface problems with mobile SMS Marketing. It simply just works each and every time.

SMS Marketing Has A High Starting Rate

As per the recent study which is been revealed by the Mobile Squad, more than 95% of sms messages are read within three minutes and that’s one of those things which is been increasing by the time. Ever get those kinds of response on any sms marketing campaign? Promotion via e-mail has an open rate of 21% only, 30% for twitter posts and 11.6% for Facebook posts.

Because sms messages are short and relatively irregular, people’s text messages inbox are much less filled up with marketing and promotional messages.

Many Individuals And Customers Are Willing To Get Right Text Messages

Have you ever noticed? That one of the finest ways to create an exceptional and valid subscribers list is to ask your customers and clients visiting your restaurant or company about their reviews and get their mobile numbers in advance via a polling card.

So whenever you are launching any new product or service you have got their numbers and in just a matter of time you can deliver you marketing and promotional messages to valid customers without any issue in other word that’s called hassle free mobile sms marketing.

As per the recent survey by women in town magazine that 45% of women always willing to receive offers, updates, reminders from various online shopping stores, health & fitness clubs and many other organizations. These days almost 15% customers and individuals are willing to share their contact details and phone numbers with businesses to receive your offers, marketing and other promotional messages without receiving any commission or anything else.  However this number is increasing day by day.

Is SMS Marketing Dead?

Recently there was a rumor that mobile sms marketing is getting dead and all that, but there was nothing like that going. Despite of this rumor getting rejected by the audience recently as per the telecommunication and sms marketing survey 54% of people said that they have been sending text messages at the same number for now as they have been sending over an year ago.

This ratio and percentage tells exactly about how much popular and powerful mobile sms marketing has become as compared with any other medium of communication.

So What Are You Waiting For? Get Started With Mobile SMS Marketing 

While you can pay an organization or any company to handle all of your written text marketing messages, it’s probably not necessary for many small and medium scale businesses to carry out this campaign on their own.

Many SMS Marketing organizations with self-service tools that let you arrange and organize the details of your subscribers, plan out your subscriber’s messages and view their stats same like Google Analytics Tool in the same way a mandril or a constant contact will allow you to do with e-mail.

But before starting sending out messaging always make sure that the mobile sms marketing campaigns containing your sms messages are not against policy violations and in any possible mean not making your customers annoyed.  For this purpose there are a few rules and regulations you need to adhere in order to make sure you are in compliance and your members are pleased with promotional messages and service.