Search Engine Optimization For New Html5


SEO HTML5 is still in the making but for any SEO expert, who tries to look forward, some good info about HTML 5 and how it will affect SEO is not any needless details. It applies that the changes and the new ideas in HTML 5 will affect website developers and designers much more than SEO experts but still it is far from the fact to say that HTML 5 will not mean changes in the Natural SEO plan. seo html5


HTML 5 follows the way the Net evolved in the last year and contains many useful tags and elements. Initially, it might look as if HTML 5 is going in the route of an improvement terminology (i.e. PHP) but actually this is not so – it is still an XML–based presentation language. The new tags and elements could make HTML 5 look more complicated but this is only at first look. html5 seo

HTML 5 is not very different from HTML 4. One of the basic and standard concepts in the development of HTML 5 was to ensure reverse interface and because of that HTML 5 is not a complete update of the HTML specifications. So, if you had problems that you will have to begin studying it on your own, these problems are groundless. html5 and seo


As a SEO professional,  seo for html5 you are most likely fascinated mainly in those changes in the HTML 5 specifications, which will impact your work. Here are some of them:


The new <article> tag is probably the best inclusion from a SEO perspective seo for html5. The <article> tag allows marking separate record in an online book, such as your personal blog or a magazine. It is predicted that when articles are marked with <article> tag, this will make the HTML code better because it will reduce the need to use <div> tags. Also, probably search engine will put more weight on the written text within the <article> tag in comparison with the content on the other areas of the web page.


The new <header> tag (which is different from the head element) is an advantage for SEO professionals because it gives a lot of versatility to seo html5. The <header> tag is very similar to <H1> tag but the main distinction is that it can contain almost everything, such as H1, H2, H3 components, whole sections of written text, hard–coded hyperlinks (and this is really valuable for SEO), and any other type of details you feel relevant to include.


The <footer> tag might not be as useful as the <header> one but still it allows adding essential info there and it can be used for SEO purposes as well and is helpful in seo html5. The <header> and <footer> tags can be used many times on one web page – i.e. you can have an individual header/footer for each area and this gives really a lot of versatility.


seo html5 Navigation is one of the most important factors for SEO and everything that helps navigation is welcome. The new <nav> tag can be used to recognize a collection of links to other pages


These days major search engines like Google, Bing And Yahoo are getting real smart and there are many reasons to believe that even now they implement segmentation. Generally, web page segmentation means that a webpage is split into several individual areas (i.e. main content, menu, headers, footers, links segments, etc.) and these areas are handled as individual records. At present, there is no way for a web expert to tell search engines how to segment a page but this is likely to change in Seo HTML5.

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