Revival Of Mobile SMS Marketing Industry

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For almost as long as cell phones and text messages have been around, people have been predicting the downfall of mobile sms marketing. There are, in fact, reasons to assume that the future of SMS Marketing is less risky than many other types of promotions. This is due to several key factors, such as the amazing blast of smart phone use and the speed, comfort and high level of user engagement of written text sms messages in comparison to other ways of communication.

Utilization of mobile SMS Marketing Is Valued Once Again

As you can see mobile phones became connected to e-mail, social media and business websites, some promoters thought that SMS Marketing would soon become outdated. Many promoters began to focus their efforts on reaching their mobile clients via Facebook or myspace, Tweets and e-mail. There are, however, built-in limitations and not so obvious faults with these platforms.

Facebook and Twitter posts may easily become missing in users feeds. The average open rate for e-mails is usually between 20% and 25%. By contrast, 99% of sms messages are read within minutes of their receipt. SMS is actually the most efficient way to interact with viewers. Customers or your targeted audience is far more tuned in to sms messages than to any other type of platform.

What our team has started to notice is the unquestionable revival of SMS Marketing. While there are unquestionable benefits to public internet promotion, many mobile and internet marketing companies started to realize that gathering prefers and supporters is no guarantee of success. These analytics may easily be controlled. For example, Facebook or myspace and YouTube likes, Twitter followers and re-tweets can all be purchased. Even authentic involvement on public networking is often short lived, with others preferring a website or a page and then forgetting about it.

SMS Marketing on the other hand provides companies with a more efficient way to interact with clients who have opted-in to receiving information. Written text messages are always immediate and do not get lost on users social media feeds or in-fact over flows through their boxes. Once again, companies are returning back to Mobile SMS Marketing for an immediate involvement and interactive campaigns supporting other promotional projects.

Interactive Mobile SMS Marketing

Both corporate and small scale businesses are starting to discover many methods that can be utilized by mobile SMS Marketing and promotions. These are just some of the techniques that the remarkable interaction of SMS is being used by many companies today in combination to larger promotion campaigns:

  • Assisting e-mail and public networking campaigns: While it is easy to see the advantages of SMS over other kinds of promotion, even greater benefits can get involved in by mixing different kinds of promotions. SMS Marketing can be used to support public networking and e-mail special offers.
  • Competitions and sweepstakes: Individuals like to win awards and SMS provides the easiest way to get in contests or to subscribe into a mobile and business campaign. The best method for those to get in a competition or giveaways is by entering into a short code keyword and key phrase.
  • Smart drop campaigns: These are much like e-mail auto responder campaigns and scheduler, giving promoters the ability to deliver out a sequence of timed sms messages. Clients can sign up for these strategies by text messaging a specific keyword and deliver it to the vendor.
  • App special offers and downloads: A company that wants individual’s customers and clients to obtain their app can deliver out a link to mobile landing pages via text. Because of the high engagement of SMS, this is often the most efficient way to advertise an app.
  • Stay events: SMS Marketing can be used in live events using interactive live shows on a mega screen. Audience and other members can get involved in live conversations, polling and other actions that motivate involvement.

Why Mobile SMS Marketing Is Positioned For Development

As you can see the number of mobile phone customers has been improving significantly over the last few years. There’s currently an estimated 4 billion mobile phones out in the industry, which covers the majority of overall world’s population. More than fourth of these phones are SMS-enabled.

Even those who do not yet own mobile phones can deliver and get text messages on their mobile phones. This makes SMS Marketing the most uncomplicated and popular form of interaction that is now possible. Even more importantly, business conducted via smart phones is also quickly increasing.

Basically SMS Marketing is a type of marketing that can be applied by both local and Web-based companies. SMS provides the most effective way for individuals access discounts, get into contest, react to polls and most important of them all is engage with stores and other businesses.

Far from being on the edge of annihilation, the age of SMS Marketing is just getting started.

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