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Quick, Useful and Interesting E-Commerce Facts

Useful And Interesting E-Commerce Facts

E-Commerce has brought a real revolution in online shopping industry. Users from around the world now prefer shopping and having price ideas through E-commerce website s and forums to spend their money at the best. Only for the year 2015 the statistics have shown some serious figures for sales and other facts about E-commerce.

Average Online Shopping per Person increased around the world in 2015

Online shopping spree in UK has shown a 9.6% increase in online shopping expenses perE-commerce Facts person and managed to generate £ 52.25 Billion in online shopping this year that puts it at the top of the list with average £ 1,174 of online shopping per person. Some of the major figures are stated as follow.E-commerce Facts



Cyber Monday’s sales Figures exceeded Black Friday’s online sales revenue this year in USA market.

If we talk about the statistics from Cyber Monday this year, that is termed to be the greatest event in online shopping extravaganza. As compared to the Black Friday, Cyber Monday’s online sales show higher figures i.e. $3.07 Billion that is 16% more than the figures we saw in 2014. The Black Friday sales figures for 2015 were as $ 2.74 Billion with 14.3% increase from the last year.

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E-Commerce Facts

However the brick and mortar shops sales seemed to show a decreasing trend with 2% as compared to last year with $ 1.8 Billon of total sales revenue on the day of Thanks Giving. However by studying the sales from normal days in the rest of the year, it is clearly seen that brick and mortar tar shops still get the lion’s share of sale revenue from the sale generated throughout the year.

Best day in the week to shop online was Tuesday with an average of 4.81% Discount the whole year,

Ecommerce Facts & FeaturesWith studying over different discounts and coupons offered during the weekdays and weekends, Tuesday stood out to be the most useful day to save money online. however, with the study of people shopping online. Monday was the favorite day for online shoppers to make their moves with the most shopping being done Mondays. These were some exciting and most useful interesting facts about online shopping and E-commerce from this year. You can use these facts and figures to plan your strategies about sales and marketing for new year. As shopping spree seems to increase with time,

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