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What All Helps Save The internet

What’s all “Help Save the Internet” Campaign about?

Helps Save The internet

Net Neutrality: What’s all “Help Save the Internet” Campaign about?

Net Neutrality is not a new term to internet users and as has been in listening for quite a long time now. It basically refers to users’ open access to all the internet sources and all the content without any discrimination and hurdle. Diverting internet traffic to some specific content is easy and can be achieved by several means. The small scale internet traffic diverters use techniques as SEO and Social Media marketing but when it comes to the large scale level the big fish tend to violate the Net Neutrality clauses. Let’s take a look at some of its major clauses and facts to know how it works and how it can be avoided.

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People Face Speed Discrimination due to Non-Net Neutrality

Basically what activists fear the most about violation of Net Neutrality is that internet services providers are going to make discriminatory lines for internet users. There would be a Fast paced internet line and Slow paced internet line, and put price discrimination among the usage and their access. However to make this discrimination work the services providers need to hold monopoly over the whole internet and alter the prices according to their needs. To get the hold over the internet usage companies are trying to make services like free internet access to some websites or AKA some part of internet. Yes, you got it right. The Facebook’s project of is termed to be the violation of Net Neutrality.Helps Save The internet

Pay For WHAT You Use And HOW Much You Use

Another important aspect of a world without net neutrality is that companies may charge users not only for the quality of services but also the quantity of services that are being provided. This has been in operations from the network services providers. So this can be broken down through a simple example, imagine if you are in a park, for which you paid a $10 to enter in. After entering the park, you went to slides, where a man was standing there and asked you to pay $10 more to have slides. If you rejected that and went to swings the same man came over and asked $10 more for swings. Hence everything you use in the park has to be paid. Now if you want the swings to go faster you might have to pay $5 more for that. At this point, what activists say is that why should I pay $10 for entering the park if I have to pay for everything that I use there. For this reason they demand for net neutrality.

Pay For What You Use

Network Services Providers May Exploit Their Control Over Internet

Another fear that Net Neutrality activists have is that the network services providers may exploit the control over internet through different ways out of which, one is described as under. If a network services provider gets in touch with some specific website and contracts to provide them with traffic through their channel. This may lead to a discrimination of internet speed towards its competitive and easier access to the site they tend to provide more traffic to. This can easily be done through network services providers and their policies.

Network Service Providers

No Opportunity For The New Rising Products

Another negative aspect of not having Net Neutrality raised by the activist is that there wouldn’t be an equal opportunity and equal grounds for the products to compete on. Providing free access to some internet products may rise in providing a huge audience to those products. For an instance if a network services provider give a free access to Facebook through its consent. It means that Facebook is actually putting an end to all possibilities of having any competition in the future, through having an edge of free access from the network services provider.  Imagine if Orkut had done the same in its time of boom, there would not have been any Facebook now.

No Opportunity For New Rising Products

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