Mobile SMS Marketing Tips For 100% Success

Mobile SMS Marketing Tips For Success

Use 100 % free trials to evaluate and compare service providers

Most of the bulk SMS Marketing platforms will offer you a complete trial offer of their products so you can try before you buy. This way you can get to know with various functions and see if those platforms offer everything you need to deliver and monitor your SMS strategies.

Always Test Before Scheduling And Sending

Before delivering your SMS Marketing Messages to all of your subscribed customers and individuals you should set up small groups of numbers of employees or staff members so that you can test and analyze that it’s going to work effectively.

Always Try “Not To abbreviate your messages too much”

While you’ve only got 160 characters for your SMS don’t get into the snare of abbreviating all the terms so it finishes up making little sense and feeling to individuals getting it.

Always Prepare A HTML Version of Your Message (if possible)

More individuals these days have internet enabled phones so you should have a link to an HTML version of your SMS marketing messages for audience to access easily. This will allow you to brand and optimize your messages better than in an ordinary written text.

Always Shorten your URLS

If your SMS message contains a backlink to your business website then it’s wise to use a short URL to reduce the number of characters used. There are many url shortening websites available at the web out of which we always encourage you to use Google link shortening tool.

Give Individuals The Chance To Unsubscribe From Your Campaigns

All the SMS Marketing messages you deliver to individuals should contain a choice for them to remove or unsubscribe yourself from those campaigns. This is often done by sending text messages e.g.:  STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE back to the originators number.

Avoid spamming

Sending too many SMS Marketing messages to your lists of user numbers will usually result in many individuals unsubscribing. Even if you don’t send or deliver out many SMS Campaigns, you must always keep in your mind to spread out good things and most probably advertise your benefits about the receiver rather than just trying to sell your products.

Always Remember That Relevance Is King

When people register or sign up for your Mobile SMS Marketing Campaigns, they expect to acquire appropriate information. If your company or business has more than one area, make sure you segment those mobile numbers which you have accordingly.

Always Consider The Timing Of Your Messages

Depending on the nature and kind of business you’re operating, the timing of SMS Marketing can be crucial depending upon the category of your subscribers. For example if you run a web design and development seminar on a Wed night, dispatching SMS Messages to prospective new customers on the Thursday morning will probably mean they will definitely ignore all about it coming in a few weeks.

Always Encourage & Use Feedback To Enhance Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

One simple and inexpensive way to enhance your SMS promotion is to ask your individuals for their reviews. A simple survey asking questions on the frequency of messages, content and timing could give you a significant understanding.

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