Features Of Messaging Co-Pilot Application

Now a day online marketing has grown up and companies want to boost their business in days. It’s a new inclination to acknowledge the people by the offers through texting. The technique is quite stress-free and well known to us. Twilio has solved all these problems now and has introduced an innovative Messaging Copilot Application. Here you will have a complete package regarding the online marketing needs. The common problems in this method are messages are sent to customer are from altered area codes and from different numbers. The failure of delivery of the text is also a major problem. The customer feel uncomfortable and sometimes even delete message without reading it when he receives same advertisement message from different numbers. Twilio proudly offers the messaging copilot which includes the following special features for all these faults. Our Messaging Copilot Application provides the feature to intelligently send messages from the number that perfectly suits the end user and optimally increases the delivery rate.


Having a text from a local number has 90% more probability to attract the customer to focus on it. So here is a function offered by Twilio “Geo-Match”. It confirms that the text delivered to the customer is from a local number and generate more traffic for company. The important property of “Geo-Match” is that you don’t have to manually change the area codes for every city, Twilio will automatically do it. This function identifies the area where the SMS is sent and changes the area code of the text according to it. So finally the user will have a text from local number.


It is observed that texts from different numbers are mostly unheeded by the mobile user. If a company messages its customer every time from some altered number then he will most probably be sick of these kinds of texts and the main purpose of the company will remain incomplete. For this purpose Twilio mobile copilot offers “Sticky-Sender” option to its users. Sticky-Sender specifies the application to send a text to a specific customer from the same number. In other words the end client will get the message from the same number every time and will get it at a glance that from where this text is.


Everyone wants to increase the delivery ratio of their texts so that his company becomes more and more popular. But when traffic is increased on one number the rate of delivery decreases as holding many areas is a difficult task for single number. The Twilio user can use the Scaler option to get the maximum delivery of your messages. You can initiate the Scaler option to have a large traffic via SMS. Scaler wisely allots outgoing SMS traffic across your pool of Twilio phone numbers. You have the option to add more numbers in case of increase in traffic.


Sometimes short code SMS can’t be delivered to carriers that don’t accept them and failure occurs. This is because some mobile network providers have set restrictions on such type of SMS. Such type of problem can be resolved by using Rerout offered by Twilio. This application automatically revert the message to some standard phone number to deliver the message. Rerout option checks whether the message is delivered or not, If it is not delivered reroute changes the number to assure that the message is delivered.

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