IVR Scripts to Improve Navigation

Interactive Voice System - Effectiveness Of IVR Scripts

Interactive Voice System (IVR) Scripts To Improve Navigation

An IVR program is like the main entrance of your company – It’s one of those things people see and the first impact cell-phone callers get. It’s also an important part of your client interaction. When well-written speech voice prompts, the IVR system helps callers navigate your phone system and reaches an agent successfully. 3 IVR Example Scripts are mentioned below:

Good Day Greeting Script

Good Day Greeting Script 1Thank you for contacting [Buzz Applications]. If you know your extension number, you can enter at any moment. For customer support, press 1. For our work listing, press 9. Or press 0 to get in touch with customer support representative.

Main Menu Script

Main Menu Script 1.2Hello and thank you for contacting [COMPANY NAME]. If you know exact extension of the person you wish to reach, please get into it now. To get in touch with operator, press 0 at any time. For sales, press 1. For customer support, press 2. For Payments / Billing, press 3. For details about our company / organization, press 4. To restart this concept, press #.

Night Greeting Script

Night Greeting Script 1.2Thank you for contacting [COMPANY NAME]. To learn more about our services and products visit our website at buzz apps. Our office is currently closed. Our working hours are Monday To Friday from 9 am to 6 pm except on holidays. Please leave a message with your name and our customer support representative will get in touch with you within the least possible time. If some-how no one contacts you within that time frame. We will get in touch with you at next working day. Till then take Care.

Why These IVR Programs Are Effective

Interactive Voice SystemOur programming and development team created these IVR scripts to perform efficiently and successfully to navigate & notify callers. Below are mentioned some key points

Include An introduction with primary options. To keep everything running more proficiently, such as the introduction script with primary selection options, as all of the sample programs above do, is the way to go.

Use Brief Prompts. Instead of saying, “If you would like to talk to a customer support representative, press 1”, our writers prefer precise, simple words and phrases such as “For Sales Team, press 1”. This helps keep your callers focused at those services you’re offering.

Give Less Choices. To navigate with a big list of departments might get difficult for callers. Instead of listing every department, start by recording some general categories and expand generally from there.

Remember, Customers always need quick response. If you are offering several options or selection levels, callers will begin hanging up or they will simply press 0.

Move The Expansion To The End. “For customers support, press 1” and “Press 1 for customers support” are two methods to say the same thing. But in your phone system, one of these is right and one is wrong. You should always put extension at the end of your prompt, so callers know what to do. Here’s another way to think about it: Normally, callers don’t know which extension they’re looking for, but they do know which at which department the need that call to be diverted. The department name is the key point that should get them to pay attention to that number.

Press Instead Of Dial. MR. Do our scripting professionals dislike this one. Do you still “dial” figures (numbers) on the phone? We wish you don’t, because if you do, you’re still using a rotary phone. While there is some sign that “touches” might be the next term to use, for now, you can stay with “press” and always be clear about it.

If you want to improve call routing and call efficiency in your phone system, start today with an IVR script – find methods and begin right from there.