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How To Send SMS Marketing Messages To A Japanese Phone


These days each and every business and promoter want to stay ahead as compared with their competitors. In that race of marketing and promotions, mobile bulk sms marketing is considered as one of the most important and phenomenal factors of getting your items and services promoted in short time. Written text messages are considered as the most widely used data applications on the globe. There are more than 275 million SMS text messaging customers in the U.S. alone, who are potential targeted audience for all of your SMS marketing campaigns.


Mobile bulk sms marketing promoters have been very innovative in using SMS. Sending text sms messages are often used by talk shows, popular brands who ask audiences to elect on a contest–American Idol is the perfect example. Many individuals and service sectors use written text sms messages to send reminders and alerts. SMS marketing & promotional services can be acquired to deliver discounts and unique deals to faithful customers. The possibilities are endless.


Mobile SMS Marketing is most effective when used within the perspective of a promotion mix that includes more traditional media. Large consumer brands often package SMS with e-mail, print, TV and online fm. Product brochures or catalogues deals are promoted through TV & fm. Short codes are listed for the customers to use in written text messages the business in order to receive the product brochure or special discounted offer via e-mail.


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Much like the standard mobile text sms marketing messages forward to anyone today, a short messaging service (SMS) also allows user to deliver written text marketing message of not more than 160 characters between suitable mobile phone gadgets. In order to deliver and get SMS messages to any mobile phone device or gadget, the network service provider of both mobile gadgets must recognize and accept the information. By knowing Japan’s country and city codes, you can deliver and get an SMS message from a Japanese mobile whenever you need


Verify with your cell phones support agency that your mobile phone can send and receive SMS from only Japanese telecom service providing carrier, “Soft Bank.” Each support agency will have a list of available countries and any applicable rate list with worldwide international data messaging support. You can send  “international text, picture and video messaging” into the search bar of your wireless support agency web page to find the list and rates.


Find out the Asian, Japanese country code, city code and the recipient’s phone number. The country code can be found on the country code website. Check out the pricing of mobile phone messages at your cellular service provider official business website. You can compose your SMS Marketing messages and enter your mobile phone number as follows:  country code + city code + 8 digit phone number.

Press “Send” to deliver the SMS message and your messages will be forwarded to that designated number.


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