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How To Monitor Traffic Of Your Competitors

In this informative article we are going to have a look at number of sources and useful ideas for how to monitor traffic of your competitors. We’ll evaluate their pros and cons as well as the credibility and effectiveness of the information offered. We’ve had customers asking us for a better view of overall market size and what kind of visitors their competition is getting, since it can be difficult to find significant predictive information even when you know who your rivals are or should be.

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It is worth stating that a number of these services recommend they can provide better information if you declare websites by coming into your ownership. We cannot admit to the precision of this, and our research is based upon the free edition of various sources as we did not have paid access to any of the various sources.

So we hope that our traffic sources are helpful and they derive best possible results for your business websites.

#1:  Alexa Rank Checking Tool

how to monitor traffic

Alexa Rank Checking Tool is good for evaluating different websites traffic and for tracking direct or indirect visitors. It can be quite useful for evaluating one website to an opponent website (up to five websites at a time). The catalog is huge and contains some information about all of the 25 websites we examined.

Deficiency: Not so excellent for small websites. You won’t get any of the guest maps for websites rated outside of the top 100,000, which means if the company believes you are getting less than 10,000 visits monthly you’re unlikely to obtain any excellent information. Precision is a serious issue. This does call into query the effectiveness of the device normally. The numbers revealed are not helpful for forecasting guests on their own.

Accuracy: We want to keep this all unknown but let’s just say one website that we know gets 10-20,000 visits monthly had the company position that was more than five times better than a website that we know gets 75,000+ guests monthly. And this was not just one-off event. So we have to seriously question about the stability of this device. It didn’t seem to be too bad at forecasting the styles for a single website but the maps are extremely hard to create any real use. Remarkably it seems to be manipulated in support of websites within the internet promotion room. Sites in the internet promotion area that we’ve checked out consistently outranked websites getting more than 10 times as much visitors each month.

Tool’s Functionality: The device is fascinating for evaluating similar websites or websites within an industry, but be very careful using this to create any significant recommendations or reports on estimated traffic. The most precise information seemed to be the information from the guests by country.

#2:  Compete Tool

how to monitor traffic

If you have been into website design services field or if you are a digital marketing expert, you would have very well know about compete tool. It has a useful interface, talks the right language (unique visitors, direct visitors, etc.), offers the ability to compare several sites, and its data is clear and understandable and well provided.

Deficiency: Precision, small number of websites – many websites that it categorizes as “low example websites,” and price is of the Pro choice.

Accuracy:  Again, accuracy is a serious issue here. The details were off in some instances by as much as 2,000% for per month visitors. The truth seemed to be a bit better for the ups and downs in visitors and some of the normal styles we considered but was certainly not efficient enough for us to recommend confirming competitors traffic based on this tool details.

Tools Functionality: It’s an obvious answer for sure that compete is best tool used for evaluating competitor’s traffic. The range of details is way off but some of the styles seemed to be pretty efficient. I wouldn’t recommend confirming any figures from this tool as they do not seem close/ reliable at all – often off by an aspect of 200% or more — however trends are efficient. The details could be meaningfully used to look into periodic trends between competitors.

#3:  Google Ad Planning Tool

how to monitor traffic

How To Monitor Traffic

How To Monitor Traffic

Google Ad planning tool has few things going for it: Its “sites also visited” information is good, the search phrases can be quite useful, and the “audience interests” information is exciting.

Deficiency: Precision, absence of information for little websites.

Accuracy: The truth was really combined. For many websites Ad-Planner offered much better information than some of the others. However, they were still off in results for some websites. Given the periodic “big skip,” we wouldn’t be relaxed using this tool to make visitor / traffic prediction for a customer.
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Tools Functionality: How to best use Google Ad planner, that is one of those things which came into mind the very first time you start using this tool. The visitors flow about other websites frequented as well as search engine visitors could be incredibly useful. However, the visitor’s information is not particularly significant and can’t be depended upon.

#4:  Google Insights

how to monitor traffic

Google insights provide latest and most amazing trends around key words and check term categories and local information. Complete reliable resource.

Deficiency: It is difficult to read information. There were no figures about visitors. It was difficult to evaluate and compare entire sites to one another.

Accuracy: You can bet that the precision of this information is going to be very good that this tool has access to more information than anyone else on the Internet. However, the fact that the figures are stabilized and more designed for key words and search phrases and trends than for visitors information mean that the amount of searches will match completely with the visitors of a website.

Tools Functionality: The tool could be quite beneficial for finding the most useful resources of key-words and search phrase categories. This could be particularly useful when looking at an opponent website and trying to determine out which of their key-words are driving the most visitors. It could help you see which of the key-words within searching term team might be the most useful.

#5:  Google Trends

how to monitor traffic

Google trends for your business web-site is great for showing magnitudes of difference between websites. It allows evaluation of several websites, and it provides local details.

Deficiency: It’s not good for evaluating websites fairly small in size. It does not offer details for smaller websites when signed in, its precision is irregular and it provides no figures.

Accuracy: The details seem to be better when only trying to evaluate visitors from search; it does not seem to do as well in evaluating overall visitors. When you evaluate websites with significantly different visitor figures, the difficult visible evaluation appears to match quite well with noticed statistics details as well. When going to the website and signed in styles it does offer figures and varies, though the details looks to be off on a few of sites we have examined. It is not as far off as the details for the same websites using Ad-Planner, but still significantly far off — e.g., confirming 240,000 visits for a website that gets about 320,000 unique visits daily.

Tools Functionality: Google trend is great for wide details collecting. It gives some understanding into identical queries when evaluating websites, and in general it is unlikely that you will find better relative details out there without immediate access to your competitor’s statistic account. However, Google trends does not offer figures and thus can only be used to project an idea at what sort of figures competition is taking in.

#6:  Quantcast Media Planning Tool

how to monitor traffic

Quant-cast provides visiting numbers that are easy to understand, show details nicely, offers some market details and has an exciting Media Adviser Tool.

Deficiency: Untrustworthy and often incorrect, does not have details for medium and small trafficked websites. Inability to compare visitors flow of business websites.

Accuracy: The biggest drawback of the Quantcast tool is precision. As with some of the other services, the visitors detail is approximated and is nowhere near accuracy on the site for which Quantcast had any data. Data was off by as much as 10 times the actual statistics details for some of websites.

Tools Functionality: Although details are not particularly reliable for visitors flow, some of the other tools the site has to offer seem quite exciting and worth further looking for.

#7:  SEM Rush – Traffic And Visitors Counting Tool

how to monitor traffic

SEMrush‘s information contains websites of all dimensions, a list of key-words and search positions for those conditions — and offered the most precise information of all the above mentioned tools we’ve analyzed.

Deficiency: The information were still partial. Clients must pay to get full access of this tool. And the details are only for search engine visitors.

Accuracy: The information were not completely precise, though generally SEM-Rush did not skip any of websites we examined the way a number of the other resources did. In the end, the information were amazingly precise. As with some of the search engines information, the data revealed was just of On-line search engine visitors, but this is our main place of concentration and was quite precise when exploring down into that place of visitors within statistics.

Tools Functionality:  Although partial, it came the nearest to be offering precise information that we could have, at least with a word of caution, be willing to discuss with a customer about potential objectives or about where their competitors’ visitors may be. Most significantly, the add-on options and skill to see the keyword and search phrase details and how the opponent positions for these conditions is extremely attractive.


Hopefully the results from all those tools will be useful to you. Eventually, it’s a partial analysis. For the moment we rely most intensely on SEMrush for forecasting visitors and calculating how well an opponent is doing, but all of these resources add something to the ever-growing visitor’s tool-belt even if it may be for a reason other than that which we were expecting they could accomplish.

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