How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn: Guidelines to Support Your Individual Product Name & Market Your Business

How To Get The Most Out Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a great route to expand your professional network and produce new leads. Simply creating information, however, is not enough to obtain significant results for your company. Learn how to improve your personal information to get more of the right exposure and support your company objectives. Discover LinkedIn’s lesser-known features and get tips on how to ensure they work for you.

Whether you are small businessman looking for making connections and build strength, or an administrator looking to get your staff more involved in caring customer connections, this guide will help you understand and connect the value of a strong existence on LinkedIn.




1- Why LinkedIn?

2- LinkedIn Behavior

3- Elements of a Powerful Profile

4- Beyond Your Profile

5- What Else Can You Do on LinkedIn?

6- Action Items

7- Further Reading

How to Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

Achieve New Leads

– It’s the world’s biggest network system – over 360+ million member

– LinkedIn gets to 37% of the overall U.S. digital population

Lead Generation

– 80% of public networking B2B leads come from LinkedIn

– 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to buy from an organization they interact with on LinkedIn

Enhance Your Brand

–  LinkedIn information signify your organization product as well as your individual brand

–  Strong employee profiles are a competitive advantage

– For expert solutions organizations, profiles are the “product pages” for marketing promotions – company and clients are buying your talent.

More Visibility

– Increased exposure is a two-way gateway for both 9employer and employee)

– Whenever you list your company as a current employer, you instantly appear on its    company web page and a link to the web page will be on your profile

– As an employee, you will also instantly adhere to the organization web page

– Each time you interact with your company’s posts (articles, case studies & new releases), it becomes visible to other connections and increases your company’s reach


–  Connect with prospective customers and company partners

–  A powerful and strong profile creates a beneficial first impression

–  Get introduces to a 2nd or 3rd degree connection

–  Reach out to your connections for help with an analysis or fixing a challenge


–  Find beneficial hyperlinks and resources over there

–  The LinkedIn “Pulse” function curates the most favored material of the day so it’s simple to keep up with growing information and trends

–  Content is designed to your passions depending on your LinkedIn profile

–  Stay tuned at appropriate company, influencer and relationship updates

LinkedIn Behavior

Detailed Profile Views

– LinkedIn signals it users when someone has viewed their profile

– Go to profile > Who’s Viewed Your Details to get analytics

– See what activities you took on the day you got more views

– In most cases, it’s okay if your contact knows that you’ve viewed their profile

– A proper view can even serve as a touch point or reminder

– If you want to view a profile: log out of LinkedIn and check through Search engines. Open an “Incognito” window in chrome.

– In some cases, you will only be able to see a basic profile if you are not signed in


– LinkedIn allows you to decide which details are available to the community through search

– Consider leaving enough boxes checked that potential customers can get a sense for your abilities and experience


–  Your public and profile information should be complete

–  11 times more likely to get profile views if you include a photo

– 15 times more profile views if you list skills on your profile


  • Use a high-quality headshot. Make an eye contact & smile


  • LinkedIn allows you to publish a “cover photo” if you wish (lots of web sites provide free images)


  • Highlight your key abilities and include keywords for search discovery


  • Add encounter and job descriptions
  • Add segments to call out ‘languages’, certifications, publications, helping out experience and more

Skills and Public Endorsements

  • When you add abilities to your information, your relationships can promote you
  • Endorsements help build credibility in your areas of expertise
  • Skills will automatically be categorized by most recommended, but you can also drag and drop to arrange them


  • Clients can keep recommendations that speaks to the quality of your work
  • Colleagues and supervisors can talk to your working style and strengths
  • One of the best ways to get recommendations is to leave them for others


  • Add media to provide depth and context around your experience or summary
  • You can upload documents, images, links, videos and demonstrations to any area of your profile


  • Link to your organization somewhere on your profile / information page
  • It contributes perspective to your task and increases incoming traffic to your company’s site
  • If you don’t have a personal web site, you can use your company bio page as a website under contact info
  • Add company / organization media to your work experience
  • your bio web page, case studies about your potential customers, articles & press releases you contributed to, etc.

Customers Relationship Management

  • Use LinkedIn’s CRM features to handle expert relationships
  • Use the “Relationship” tab to create notes, reminders, tag profiles or record how you met your connections
  • This information will only be noticeable to you
  • Keep monitoring your contact information
  • Edit your connections’ get in touch details to make it most relevant to you
  • This will be private and won’t affect their profiles


  • Join groups to stay up-to-date on industry trends, build your network, link with influencers and talk about hot topics
  • Search by keywords to find groups that matches your interests
  • Group contribution allows you to “soft pitch” your abilities and expertise
  • Consider joining groups that your clients or prospects participate in
  • You can view their visible groups on their profiles
  • Reminder: LinkedIn will inform them that you have deeply viewed their details

Messages & Replies

  • Send In-mail
  • Reach out with a “delivery guaranteed” personal message
  • Requires buying In-Mail credit or a Top quality account subscription plan
  • Credits expires after 90 days if you don’t use them
  • Your credits will be returned if the receiver responses in 90 days

Updating System

  • Share an update
  • Choose to share your update publically or just with connections
  • Examples: exciting company news, recently launched work, exciting content, etc.
  • You can tag connections or organizations with “@“ followed by their name

Publishing Posts & Stuff

  • Publish a post
  • When you publish a post, it seems to be in your connections’ feeds
  • The best posts are picked up by LinkedIn’s digital magazine, Pulse

What is LinkedIn Pulse?

  • “World’s first customized company details digest”
  • Great way to promote ongoing learning and professional development
  • View on LinkedIn (Interests > Pulse) or download the app
  • Follow customers, clients or industry leaders to see their latest up-dates


  • Slide share is a major public networking website for sharing presentations and professional content
  • You can add slide share presentations directly to your LinkedIn profile or share them quickly in an update
  • Provides engaging content to your audience
  • Allows individuals to find you more easily for topics, increase search visibility

LinkedIn Perspective At A Glance

  • It’s relatively simple and fast to monitor your LinkedIn.
  • From the desktop screen you can: Share/publish content, Promote, compliment and like status up-dates, Monitor profile visits, connect with new users
  • LinkedIn suggest interactions in the “Ways to Keep in Touch” admin panel on your homepage
  • Gives you fast up-dates from your connections
  • You can comment or like posts directly from this panel

As time and this IT industry is growing social media and many major networking sites are becoming popular and are being considered as the back bone of this industry. Sign up today at linked-In, add expertise and skills and get in touch with other masters and highly professionals in this field.

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