How to convince a client or customer that our seo will bring traffic and sales

How to convince a client

These days business is about outcomes and this is why it’s quite organic if your customers want outcomes and improve in traffic as one of the actual dimensions of SEO enhancements. However, compared with many other parts where you can display a deliverable or some other type of concrete outcomes right after you complete the project, this isn’t the situation How to convince your client with SEO. With SEO, outcomes may come after months or years and the most severe case is they might never come at all.

This is too bad because your customers will hardly be glad to pay for no outcomes or results. However, when there will be outcomes, there are some great indications of that, as we will go through later but first let’s talk about what your clients and customers can expect.

How to convince a client

We know some customers will find it hard and confusing that bringing traffic and visitors isn’t the most essential way of measuring SEO success or achievements but for most of customers it’s obvious that visitors is just one side of the money. What matters most is ROI ‐ i.e. how much more you are making How to convince your client due to your SEO technique.

For example, for one of our online projects, we did not bother at all to check website stats i.e traffic flow, ups and downs. We usually check conversions because this was the most essential.

Presumably the more visitors you have, the greater ROI you have. As a consequence, even if visitors are up but ROI isn’t that much, you must offer your client to change the strategy to PPC because it usually performs better than How to convince your client SEO for conversions.

how to convince your client

Something you need to explain to your clients and customers before you go to the signs of SEO failing or success is what traffic is realistic to expect and when. Your customers might desire that spending $100 on plenty of low quality back-links, this will get him first page results against competitive keywords but as we know, this will never happen. In fact, if you are dealing with a bad client, we advise you to please be specific and always educate your vulnerable clients about the consequences and results which you are going to get while paying handsome amount of time.

You always need to tell your clients & customers (if he or she isn’t already aware) that it needs time for How to convince your client SEO results to become recognizable. Sometimes you might have to hang on for months until you see any enhancement, so tolerance here is important.


Now that part is really important and has its own significance especially when you are dealing; with clients who are eagerly waiting for good results. Good communication with clients and customers is always important and How to convince your client SEO campaigns and strategies are not an exemption. This is why it is recommended to deliver your potential customers every week, biweekly or per month reports about how you’re progressing during the time interval ‐ i.e. you have obtained 5 PR5 back-links, you have included 3-5 new blog posts with unique and plagiarism free content to their blogs (list URLs here), etc. These reports help the clients and customers know where you are so don’t regard them as just a paying much. Show some confidence and interest in their work and always be generous to them.

On the other side, if a client has an idea or strategy about How to convince your client SEO, you could easily coordinate the project and tasks with the projects you plan to do in advance. This will also help your potential client to monitor what’s going on with the work actually. If the customer has no strategy or concept about SEO, then it’s challenging because even if you tell him about your steps of overcoming with the project, he or she won’t be able to adhere to and it will also be more complicated for you to describe to them what the results are. You might even have to describe them about the basic principles about how to get visitors to a website and turn those visitors into paying customers.


Now, after you have resolved the process of search engine optimization with your clients and customer what can and can’t be thought result wise, here are some signs that demonstrate you are (or aren’t) on the right way.


It is much better, if you can review better positions for major keywords in search engines. But since this is a goal that might take years to achieve, you can go for the keywords with minimum searches. Minor search phrases or keywords are where you start because they are easier and faster to achieve, yet they can bring a large of amount of targeted traffic and can be converted into long lasting customers.

To report better rankings for minimal search phrases & keywords, just evaluate the number of visits for each of them before you started out search engine optimization strategy. Of course, this isn’t very accurate because there could be other reasons ‐ for example periodic variations that bring clients and customers amazing traffic for a given minimal keyword and key phrase up and downs in search engines. Usually long tail keywords for How to convince your client are a great sign about the progress of keywords and getting good results in search engines.


You can also report the quantity of keywords that led users to your site. In Google Analytics, go to sources?  Searches? Organic and at the bottom you will see which search phrase or keyword that brought traffic. If the number of unique search phrases and keywords is increasing, then you are doing better than before.


Increased traffic or more visitors might be not only from search engines but also from other search engines as well. After Google, Bing is the second largest and in-fact the biggest search engine in the world which brings visitors or users to any business website. To examine properly if you see a change or improvement in visitors from search engines as a whole, look to the search traffic in your Google webmaster tools, and you will see the actual amount of traffic where is that coming from.


Another indication to your customer’s site is doing better than before are enhanced positions with ranking services. These ranking services and positions include any search engines page rank, as well as proper keywords ranking services, such as the alexa rank, Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF), Page authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA) and other similar identical solutions.

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Of those above mentioned points, Alexa rank is one of the most versatile and flexible because they upgrade their rankings on daily basis. Page Rank is only updated 4 times a year and domain authority (DA) is also modified not often, so it is quite possible that the current rank (or the recently modified one) doesn’t take your recent efforts or initiatives into consideration.


Public networking platforms like social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, g+ and instagram are also an indicator of your reputation and social presence. If you are able to manage and grow the number of your followers, fans, audience, or you have gained popularity on any social media website, these all tell you are on the right dimension.

It’s difficult to report How to convince your client or a result outcome when these results are not in a physical way; but it isn’t impossible. Try to use those above mentioned points to persuade your customer that your SEO strategies and initiatives will bring traffic and keep the good work!

How to convince your client

In this present modern era whenever a client or a customer thinks about promoting his business or products, the first thing which comes to his mind is social media. No doubt that social media have its roots deep down in any sector. In case you are running a successful online shop or a ecommerce store and have not yet opened doors for social media sites for promotions. Now is the time. Plan a strategy today, boost your products in social media sites and get best ROI and enjoy your benefits of popularity over the social media

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