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How Mobile SMS Marketing Drives Engagement


With today’s advancement in technology ‘there’s an app for everything’ in your life, it’s sometimes easy to see how SMS, or as it’s more generally known, the written text message, gets neglected. An expert of the cellular market and an integral part of cellular performance since the 1980’s, nowadays, SMS Marketing often discovers itself in the shadow of fancy text messaging options, such as Whatsapp, Snapchat, and even customer-designed instant messaging services that are included in social sites and programs, such as Facebook or myspace. And that’s only from a person viewpoint.


Businesses, too, are losing a technique with SMS Marketing, by pouring vast and bulk amount of money into unique mobile phone apps marketing, promotion, engagement and marketing branding purposes. We can understand why companies might feel forced to take this strategy. As of July 2016, there were 2.3 million applications available for Android Applications users to download, and 2 Million in Apple’s App Store. So it may seem at first look that by not developing an app of your own, you are at an increased risk of dropping your reputation behind your opponents.

We would desire companies not to disregard the value of SMS Marketing when it comes to cellular promotion. Businesses should not ignore SMS as it provides a vital way of getting clients and generating involvement.


Below are mentioned some of the most important reasons why:


SMS provides remarkable reach


Recent Ofcom research show that, despite the range of programs that are available in various mobile apps stores and online shops, only two-third of UK grownups own mobile phones, making more than 30% not only incapable to obtain an app, but also inaccessible through internet-dependent texting such as e-mail or WhatsApp. However, 90% of these cell phone customers are SMS-capable. Furthermore, it’s currently approximated that less than 23% of e-mails sent by customers and users are actually opened, whereas 98% of all text messages are studied within 2 minutes being received. Still not convinced? Consider the truth that the common e-mail reaction time is 1 hour, but for SMS, it’s just 90 seconds. So can text texting really be matched by e-mail or an app in regards to reach?


SMS Marketing & Bulk Messaging Is Flexible


Choosing SMS as a promotion can provide companies with a large amount of versatility. It’s possible to quickly and efficiently deliver either few marketing messages to a focused number of individuals, or countless numbers of promotional messages to a large number of subscribers that could spread all across the world, all from the same system. As a result personalizing a written text message to your viewers can extremely be a simple and powerful process, which in return, creates monitoring significant and ROI a lot easier.


SMS is relevant


Marketing via SMS is permission-based, for example individuals have to definitely sign-up to get text messages from a messaging company, and most systems observe fake actions carefully in order to protect their clients from spammers. A cell phone is an extremely helpful product, and in contrast to e-mail, where limitless promotional materials are sent directly to junk folder of your mail without a second thought, businesses won’t be able to let off gently if they intrude on that individual space with undesirable content.


That said, when used effectively, a permission-based advertising strategy can have extremely beneficial results for companies as well as clients, as it guarantees that you are only interacting with viewers that wants to get your messages. Therefore, regard your customer’s desire for protection and comfort by delivering only appropriate content via a written text, and your viewers will be more responsive than they ever would to “marketing-bombing” all the connections you find with a “one size suits all” message.


SMS Marketing is popular


Finally, mobile marketing clients have been found to often prefer external applications for social engagement and entertainment reasons, but favor written text for private messages that is of great importance, such as date and time reminders, verifications and alerts. Since this difference has already been made by the clients and customers, most important work has already been done for companies. Rather than making an investment intensely in down-loadable programs, manufacturers and big brands should be ready to leap on the probability to achieve out directly to their focus on market in a way that has been commonly pre-approved.


We are not just discussing here about using SMS Marketing as something for circulating marketing and promotional content. Consumers want to make sure they have an invoice when they purchase products or services via their cell phone, or a verification message when they book a doctor’s appointment via any mobile app, or a way of offering reviews after a consultation and have confirmed that written text is a real way to get these.


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Looking at SMS more carefully, we would like to motivate companies that are eager to increase their client involvement, increase their services or obtain more visibility for their product, but may be afraid of SMS, to ask themselves, has text messaging really had its day? SMS may have been around for many years, but the truth that it is still around, still effective, and is status upright to your opponents such as e-mail and Whatsapp, is just a proof of its value, and that this is very much a case of “old pet, new techniques.”


We believe that if your company needs a realistic, quickly applied remedy for linking directly with viewers that is near-guaranteed to be extremely responsive to your content then you couldn’t do much better than delivering a written text.


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Azhar Iqbal, with more than 15 years of programming experience, posses a firm command over system analysis, system design and custom software solutions. He envisioned utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to elucidate Telephony Applications Development and design more practical solutions. You can reach him through his website or LinkedIn Profile.
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