Do’s And Dont’s Of Web Design & Web Development Part 1

Do's and Dont's Of Web Design And Web Development

A business web site is one of the most important elements of your company’s promotion plan. It’s the main hub for your marketing efforts and should have all other marketing materials allocated to it. As web technological innovation has developed over the years, it has produced many resources to be used together with your marketing efforts, such as social media, blogs and RSS feeds to name a few. Taking advantages of these sources and holding true to current and effective web methods, Buzz Apps is a web design and development company that offers a wide range of web design solutions, mobile apps services and solutions and has an outstanding team of developers.
You can have a look at the portfolio. Our goal with Buzz Apps is to design and develop and teach how to create outstanding business websites while making it easy and as simple as possible for people. We are trying to do this with ‘to the point’ articles and the latest updates.
There are several choices while making business websites, some are  way to easy and others require many technical knowledge and skills. Following is a list of those briefed points which are going to help you out in designing and developing a better website.

Do’s And Dont’s of web design and web development are mentioned below:


1- No page Stats / Counter

Page stats and web page audience counter do nothing except make you look like an immature & inexperienced person, try to play with your website design, and tell individuals information about your website in a proper way ! If you want to know how many individuals are hitting your website on daily or regular basis, for this purpose you can easily place google analytics tool to look up for daily page views, daily users visits.


2- Forget about blinking text

The only place you see blinking and or blinking written text is on the fluorescent symptoms of cafes or websites created in the mid 90’s! Individuals don’t like them and anticipate that website is designed by an immature. Always think innovatively and never place blinking text in professional business websites. It doesn’t look professional at all and users will exit that website in first glance.


3- Make sure your website titles make sense

One of the main features of a business website is its headline. In between thetags you can specify the page headline as this indicates in the web browsers top headline bar and in the search engine results. Title tags play an important role in any business website. In search engines, all business websites are known by titles and search engines get the core idea of any business website by looking at its title in first glance.

Also most of the individuals pay attention to titles on pages, so you must make sure that they are clear. If you have a web page on how to make foodstuff and you happen to have a bike named at your website title pages: ‘Have a look at my bike.’ You must properly tag you web page like: ‘How to make delicious burgers, pastas, noodles and cuisine etc.


4- Don’t force users to download specific plugins to see your website / web page

Unless you have a business website that users are dying to to see, why restrict or limit your audience because you want to use some unique functions in a browser or a plugin like flash. Nowadays, with appropriate use of CSS and HTML, you can present fantastic looking web pages without having to jump through the hoops like me had to when rubbish browser like Netscape 4 were being used in great numbers.


5- Use Frame sets very carefully

In the past you could claim a use for framesets because of HTML’s awful structure / layout capabilities. Nowadays with CSS placement being well sustained by all most major browsers there is no need to use framesets for just about 99.9% of web sites. Why don’t you want to use framesets you ask? Well newbie’s or beginners normally have problems developing and using them effectively. Framesets makes sites more difficult than they need to be last but not least they can cause you all types of problems with search engines.


6- Don’t trick and try to fool search engines

In the past we website owners developed various dubious (disreputable) methods in an attempt to get higher results in Google. Techniques involved putting many keywords on the same page as unseen written text, etc … These tactics may have had some limited success in the past, but those days are long gone. Try to deceive Google (the master of all search engines) and you and your website will die an awful unpleasant death! We will not explain how to get higher rankings, but keep this in mind: good content genuinely provided is the foundation of higher rankings as well as high traffic for your website.


7- Enable Live Chat

Most people don’t give a crap about chat rooms. And more intense than having an empty or clear chat room! Who wants to hold out at an organization that has nobody inside? So unless you have a website with countless numbers of visitors a month and is off topic that might require a chat room, don’t do it. These days users visiting any business website not just need proper attention but they require to get best possible solutions at cost effective price. Many business websites with already enabled live chats get more attention they deserve.


8- Avoid lengthy flash intros

A few years back flash intros were all In the competition, not sure if anyone realized why we ‘needed’ them, but actually the ‘skip intro’ key is the 2nd most visited on the web these days. Don’t spend your efforts on flash intros, In our viewpoint flash should only be used in special situations.


9- Under consideration / construction pages

Just leave it, if your web page is not prepared, don’t put it up. If you have hyperlinks that are pointing to the websites, turn off them until your web page is launched properly. If your website is truly ‘under construction’ and has content on it that is ready to be seen by your internet users, just publish a ‘last updated’ date and make sure you get the new content in position soon. What ever you do, don’t put one of those cheesy ‘under construction’ pictures on your website it’s not a best practice.


10- Always keep it simple

It’s a proven fact that sign up forms with more than 3 items (usually – name, e-mail & one other item) will have a considerably lower sign up rate than the easier forms. People HATE doing factors for too long – so don’t over complicate things. Always make it simple so that users and the audience feel comfortable while navigating your website.

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