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Designing And Developing Your Home Page Design

You’ve got the most perfect idea? We mean an excellent one. One you’ve been patiently waiting your whole life to came up with. It’s excellent and you are going to become popular.

You know this perfect and ideal deal needs a fantastic site to really make it come to life. Not just any ordinary business website, but an excellent one that will magnificently demonstrate your idea and why the world must accept it.

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Now continued to the post…. You pop on over to Theme-Forest, Design Beast or any other website that provides large number of Word-Press templates. Somehow you are missing time of your day combining through the themes and observing your preferred choices. But it’s all even worth it.

You’ve discovered most beautiful multi-purpose Word-Press theme to bring your new idea to lifestyle.

This idea is Amazing! Through this you’ll get:

  • Unlimited shades and fonts
  • Built-in web page builder
  • Short-codes feasibility
  • Portfolios
  • Shopping carts
  • Forums
  • Landing pages
  • And Much More

You are off to an excellent beginning. You and your brand new theme are going to do fantastic things together. How could you not? After all it comes with choices and the demo looks just great.

Surprisingly, it’s not going to be at all effective like you think. Why? Because you’re going in reverse. You’re moving way forward at the same time.

Jumping forward, what? we know you think we are wrong about it. You must have a theme to start working with it!

A simple Word-Press template is not the place to begin with. An ideal template is just a mean by which you can reach your final destination.

Index Page (Home Page) Always Creates The First Impression

Home page creates the first impression 2

Mostly when your website receives direct visits, your homepage makes the first impression. It immediately starts to tell your story and allows you to interact with customers. You need to make sure your homepage is pleasant, looks professional, builds trust, provide customers support 24/7, and provides clear direction. So what’s the main deal? You haven’t described anything yet. You can’t just jump to design without first thinking through your story, the answers you need to provide, your ability to build trust, and the way in which you need to provide direction. Contact us now for website design and development services.

Designing your homepage is one of the most important things you can do in website development. Don’t just rush forward in a hurry to execute. Executing without properly planning will produce adverse results. In such way you’ll fail to generate what you want and it will create a negative impact that you cannot fix.

Target Market Into Individual Groups

Target Market Into Indvidual Groups 1Let’s just start with your plans…. What are your goals and plans? How you are going to target your audience? What do you need your site to produce? Typical types of an excellent visit include:

  • Website Design And Layout
  • Daily Visitors And Subscribers
  • Cost Effectiveness And Warm Prospects
  • Leads / Sales

To help come up with your technique, you have to know the solutions to some crucial concerns that help in determining your focus on audience, how you can help, and how they can easily convert. Ask yourself these concerns and document your concerns. Write them down so you can review them and validate your concerns to them.

  • Who is your targeted market?
  • What issues do they need to solve?
  • How can you help them fix these issues?
  • What support, item, or content can provide a solution?
  • Why should they reach you first as compared to someone else?
  • Can you provide public proof in shape of general public review?
  • How can guests turn into actual paying customers?

Once you’ve got some answers to above mentioned questions, you’ll be able to provide some strategy to your procedure. You’ll be able to plan in advance and make sure your procedure is in-line with your goals.

Make Navigation Easy

Make Navigation Easy 1

Have you ever stepped into a local food market or a shopping store and experienced completely lost? That is what visitors feel when they check out a web-site with poor navigation.

Whenever and average user visits your business website you must make sure that there are no such navigation menus which might confuse your visitors.

Before digging into home-page design, you must have a navigation selection described for at least the top-level products. Make sure this navigation clearly points visitors to actual web-pages such as Services, About Us, Products and Contact Us. Use common language to avoid confusion.

If you have too much navigation items, then consider a secondary menu. We have one at the top and it provides key services for our customers. Adding those few links has saved our audiences precious time and in-fact did helped our customers to navigate easily at Buzz-Applications

Properly Define Call To Action

Designing And DevelopingCall to action is one of those first things we would like to talk about with any new prospect or client. In doing so we recently ask the person what really constitutes a successful website visit. We’ve asked what actions they want visitors to take before they exit website.

These calls to action include:

  • Sign up for our news-letter
  • Call us now
  • Subscribe at our official blog for live news updates
  • Visit our portfolio
  • Order now
  • Contact now & get a free price quote

Briefly Explain About Your Business! Who You Are And What You Do?

Write A Brief Overview Who You Are And What You Do 1A home-page should have written text but not tons of written text. It will help your guests and they’ll have a fast review of who you are and what you do. Make this information brief and helpful, while still being useful.

The objective in this step is to write text that is easily digestible by visitors and help them confirm that they are in the right place. This will allow them to stop, looking around the homepage and navigate other areas of your website.

We had a conversation with a lot of people who want to stuff that area with search phrases (keywords) in hope of gaining Search engines ranking. That doesn’t work for SEO and it should be avoided because it affects the overall user experience.

Users don’t want to read paragraphs on the homepage. They want confirmation that they have located a suitable match to their needs and they want direction on how to learn more about our services that actually matters to them.

Content is King (Populate Your Content)

Populate Your Content 1

Basically that’s the magical part we actually love the most. It’s when the real and actual content goes into a website and the idea becomes reality. As you rotate your business website at the World Wide Web and when site’s content is populated just remember to keep the actual theory of simplicity in place.

When you are done inhabiting your content, take a take a step returning and ask yourself how you did. Here are a few concerns you can use to confirm your work:

  • Does the homepage effectively address your focus on audience and personas?
  • Does it answer the key concerns you previously answered?
  • Does it provide clear route and navigation?
  • Does it help achieve the objectives and goals initially defined?

If your answer is yes to the above concerns, then cheers to you. Well done! Celebrate and launch this master piece. If your answer is no then focus on those key-points you’ve skipped. The additional time you put in now, will be returned by happy website visitors.

Azhar Iqbal

Azhar Iqbal, with more than 15 years of programming experience, posses a firm command over system analysis, system design and custom software solutions. He envisioned utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to elucidate Telephony Applications Development and design more practical solutions. You can reach him through his website or LinkedIn Profile.
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