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Deadly Mobile Application Development Mistakes

Mobile Applications Development

There are millions of mobile applications you may see around. Not all of them get the fame and spot light as they need. Some have millions of downloads and thousands of reviews while other barely cross hundreds. Did you ever wonder why it is like this? There are some terrible mistakes that New-to-Industry application developers may make and end up having terrible results, and broken expectations. Let’s take a look at some in the following list.

Unrealistically High Hopes For App To Go Viral  

Un Realistic Hi Hopes

Aiming high to get a viral response from the app users and targeted audience is not really bad. But for a developer, featuring an application in major app stores where you have a nerve wrecking competition and almost 100% perfect or even better substitute to your product, you need to keep the expectations low and come up with something that is unique and amazing and provides users what they cannot get in any other of its substitutes. As being new to the field it is advised that you should keep low hopes for initial downloads and make your product better and more practical.

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Neglecting The Importance Of Marketing   

Mobile Application Development

No matter what your product or services are, you need your voice to be heard in making it a success. Anyone who manages to get his voice heard at the right spot reaps the benefits at most. We have seen countless cases of losing at an incredible application and gaining at a normal application through bad and good marketing respectively.

Underpowered Reporting And Analytics System

Under-Powered Reporting

Making an application is not enough; improving its performance is a constantly evolving process that allows the developer to make the best out of every single version that goes out. It is also important for you to check about the bugs fix and updates that it needs every now and then. For this reason you need not only to keep an eye over the activities and feedback but also need to carry out statistical analysis about its work-ability and features to get the updates right according to the needs and demands. There are several tools that you can use in this reference.

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Azhar Iqbal

Azhar Iqbal, with more than 15 years of programming experience, posses a firm command over system analysis, system design and custom software solutions. He envisioned utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to elucidate Telephony Applications Development and design more practical solutions. You can reach him through his website or LinkedIn Profile.
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