Customers Communication – 10 reasons to opt for Mobile SMS Marketing

In a few years, mobile has become a key medium in customer communications campaigns. Why ? Because the SMS is efficient and inexpensive in terms of its results … In this first article on a series of three devoted to this subject, we give you 10 reasons to integrate SMS marketing to your business strategy.

1-The deliverability of a customer communication campaign by SMS

Almost all French citizens now own a mobile phone and according to Deloitte, the number of smart phone owners has risen from 49% in 2016 to 51% in 2017 … These figures guarantee a maximum rate of SMS deliverability.

2-The rate of opening/reading of a campaign of customer communications by SMS Marketing

The French are addicted to their mobile and consult it on average 150 times a day (study Nokia)! Thus, the risk that the SMS goes unnoticed is virtually zero and you are assured of reaching your target. Statistics confirm this: the SMS has an open / read rate of 95%, ahead of the direct mail (75%) and emailing (BtoC opening rate estimated at 29%, weakness Of this rate being partly due to the fact that advertising mails are often classified as “spam”). In addition, 20% of mobile users who have received a link by SMS would have already clicked on it. (confirmed by AFMM and Mail metrics figures)

3-The instability of a customer communication campaign by SMS

Most SMS messages are read within minutes of receiving them (between 1 and 4 minutes depending on the studies).

4-The popularity of a customer communication campaign by SMS

With more than 50 billion SMSs exchanged every quarter in France, SMS has for several years been the preferred communication medium of the French. For example, 80% of French people are interested in receiving SMS marketing or commercial messages from their favorite brands (remember that your database must be made up of customers who have previously agreed to receive SMS from you).

5-The benefits of a customer communication campaign by SMS

According to INSEE, SMS advertising campaigns have a spin-off of around 15%, a rate one point higher than television spots … And for comparison, the spin-offs of a prospectus are of the order of 0 , 5%.

6-The rate of memorization of a customer communication campaign by SMS

According to the INSEE, an advertisement sent by SMS would benefit from a rate of memorization of information of 60%, far exceeding the competing media (barely 15% for a TV advertisement or radio). This discrepancy probably stems from the fact that the message is received on a medium that everyone considers personal. The fact remains that this data suggests significant retention effects for an SMS marketing campaign.

7-The ease of using dedicated platforms

Going through an internet platform, a few clicks are enough to launch an SMS campaign from your customer database … A breeze!

8-Concise but powerful customer communication

No need to be prolix when communicating by SMS … 160 characters must be enough to convince! The messages are concise but striking!

9-The value for money of a customer communication campaign by SMS

In terms of its effectiveness, the low cost of the SMS (which varies from a few cents to nearly one euro depending on the number – sliding scale rates – and the required functionalities) ensures the return on investment of your campaigns.

10-SMS marketing campaigns give your point of sale a modern and dynamic image

Last but not least, by launching a communication campaign by SMS, you work the image of your brand, and put forward the resolutely modern and dynamic aspect of your point of sale.
Exploiting the SMS channel is, therefore, a great way to communicate with your customers & the results will be measured on your customer loyalty rate. If you are convinced by these figures and comparisons with other media, do not miss our next articles on the keys to a successful SMS communication campaign and the various possibilities offered by SMS marketing.