Android Apps

Android is the latest operating system by Google which replaced the iOS and old symbian OS. Currently almost 75% of the devices contain android OS in them. It makes the android real special. To facilitate the android users Twilio has recently launched its latest android SDK that enables the developers to create all kinds of Twilio apps compatible with android OS. It was the start of the new race among the apps developers.

Twilio Applications is the first one to proudly present the latest Twilio Android Apps based on Twilio. Since the Twilio client has launched its Android SDK our devoted team of professionals has worked hard on it. After all we are succeeded in developing such platform based on Twilio which is able to install on many android devices. It makes a smart phone a VOIP phone as well. Twilio Android apps can collaborate with IPs from all around the globe. By using these apps your phone can communicate with any browser. It makes your smart phone an international line.

The latest Twilio Android applications are able to use VOIP features. These apps can support every android version that is higher than 2.0. Users can use Twilio android apps for creating IVRs, Phone Forwarding System, Conference calling system and SMS marketing system etc. We are also able to develop custom apps according to the need of our clients. We assure our users that they will love these twilio Android apps as they will fulfill their all business needs and professional responsibilities.

A user can just imagine that his smart phone is all the time connected with the world at large. Wherever his client exists, he can contact anytime at the cheaper Twilio prices. Besides that using bulk SMSs and other social SMS marketing tools our user can publish his business in all over the world right away. All such intelligent features make our applications special and all time favorite.

Keeping in mind the need of today’s smart phone users, Rank Sol has recently launched a Twilio Android Phone that is efficiently running on several android devices in the world. Lots of people are using this Twilio Android Phone for sending and receiving of text sms messages and phone calls all over the world (where the Twilio offering its services). In this Phone, you can check your call history, usage detail for calls and sms which you have made; also a user will have the option to change its account status, package plan and app settings.


Android Front End

Make and Receive Call
Make and Receive SMS
SMS And Call Reports
User Login Page.
User Registration Page
User Package Selection Page
User Number(Twilio) Selection page
User Package Update Page
Log Out

BackEnd (Server Side)

Can List/Add/Edit/Delete Users
Can Block User to use Application
Can update any user package
Download Users in CSVformat
Can create price plans

Undoubtedly it’s a great step ahead by Twilio Applications and we anticipate many more in the near future. We are now working on creating all sorts of such android OS compatible applications which could enhance the ease in communication and can make a smart phone real time smarter.

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