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Mobile SMS Marketing

Analytics Used To Evaluate Mobile SMS Marketing And Promotion Success

To be able to evaluate your SMS Marketing success, you need to know what analytics to look at.


Before You Start


Always set the factors of your analytics metrics before actually beginning the tracking procedure. If you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. Ask yourself these questions:


  1. What are your objectives for your SMS Marketing And Promotional Campaign?


  1. Do you have any requirements or standards already set for your sms marketing campaign?


  1. What do you desire to gain knowledge from the data?


  1. How are you going to use the information / data collected?




Customers / Subscribers List



As we’ve said with other metric-based blogs, the subscribers list is only a very important factor, but knowing where your figures and numbers are originating from is even more significant.



First, look at the total number of analytics you have. Does it coordinate up with your target / focus on market?


Then, have a look at these questions:


  1. Where did the opt-ins come from?


  1. How many did come from your website?


  1. How many came from your promotion via e-mail campaign?


  1. How many opt-in came in from your special promotional campaigns for the cool SMS Markeing Tool & Service?


  1. Did you gather their information first, through opt-ins?


  1. Did members or subscribers sign up on their own?


  1. Which mobile sms marketing tool or strategy is the most effective?





New Subscribers



Clearly, most of the solutions for this usually originate from the concerns of your primary subscribers list. All of the concerns above connect with this measurement as well, but it also becomes short how efficient your SMS Marketing Promotions are.



Understanding from where the new subscribers are arriving from will help you customize upcoming special deals & offers.




Some extra concerns to ask:



  1. How many new members / subscribers came from, is it going to help (any recommendation) from a friend?


  1. How many came straight from a campaign, promotion or offer?




Opting out from campaigns



Sure, opt-outs are really terrible, but they are extremely beneficial. If you have a proper plan and mechanism set up that allows members to let you know why they are really deciding to opt out from campaigns, then that is really useful. Never ignore or underestimate the power of opt-outs; it’s one of the most powerful and best spot to understand, and eventually develop, grow your skills.



Again, there are some more things and questions to ask when examining or analyzing these metrics:



  1. How many actual members and subscribers decided out after a unique / special offer? Significantly saying, if you promoted a discount for deciding upon up for your SMS Messaging, how many of them really opted out after they really received their discount?


  1. Is there a lot of opt-outs? Say, is there a decrease or increase after a certain kind of SMS Message?


  1. What are the analytics and demographics of those who are most likely to opt-out?


  1. To figure out or determine your comprehensive / extensive amount of development for your SMS Marketing Campaign, take the count of opt-ins and deduct the amount of opt-outs; split by your overall list numbers, and you will get the percentage development of your campaign.


In many methods, some way opt-outs are more essential to the overall achievements of your SMS Marketing And Advertising Strategy than any other measurement you can evaluate.



Subscribers / Customers Action



Okay, you’ve sent out your newest SMS Marketing Promotional message. What do you want your members to do? If there was a particular proactive approach or objective, start there.


  1. How many of your subscribers did what you requested them to do?


  1. Aside from your proactive approach, call to action what else occurred with your SMS message?


  1. How many did actually visit your website?


  1. If you included an advertising / promotional code or discount in the SMS, how many did actually cash in?


  1. How many subscribers and members approached your business to find out more or to ask questions?


  1. What is the amount of percentage that frequently visited your public social networking sites?


  1. How many subscribers did submitted / forwarded the text to others?


  1. How many of those actually forwards resulted in leads in immediate activity (visited website or social media)?



Leads & Sales



For most of the businesses, basically how much this marketing method is costing the business? Essentially, what is the revenue (best return on investment) for each campaign?


Ideally, the result is in an improvement or increase direct promotion and sales.


Though the other SMS Marketing metrics or analytics may be positive, looking at the number of revenue produced straight from your SMS campaign is the most crucial one.


However, by understanding the past analytics, you’ll be able to create changes and increase / enhance revenue.


So, until you create necessary changes / adjustments in your other analytics, then the revenue / sales measurement is somewhat useless or deceiving.


There are some important things or questions to still to answer however:


  1. Directly, how many leads or sales resulted from your most recent SMS Marketing Messages?


  1. What is the average portion of lead / sale per SMS?


  1. If forwarded or directed to another channel, say, to your website or social networking site, how many sales does you actually resulted?


  1. Is there an actual return on investment? For this, consider not only the finance or money spent, but time invested by your staffers to handle and release each SMS Marketing Campaign.


By responding to the concerns above, you will not only know how your campaigns are doing, but you will see what needs a modification and what needs to be dropped all together.


What measurement and metrics do you believe is the most important one to observe after delivering a SMS Marketing And Promotional Campaign?

Azhar Iqbal

Azhar Iqbal, with more than 15 years of programming experience, posses a firm command over system analysis, system design and custom software solutions. He envisioned utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to elucidate Telephony Applications Development and design more practical solutions. You can reach him through his website or LinkedIn Profile.
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