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Mobile SMS Marketing

Adding Mobile SMS Marketing Solutions To Your Cognitive Sports Marketing

Think about that you’re at an excellent sports game at your college. Whether it’s soccer, rugby, golf, or any other game — the general audience and crowd goes crazy for each touchdown, home run, or goal. The thing is that the audience or crowd is restricted by chairs in the appearance, the location of the activity, and the date/time. Only a small portion of your fans get to be in the seats for a game. Others students might be in classes and alumni is all over the place, and some lovers and die hard fans just can’t make it to the match / game. When you’re operating within the realm of school activities, you need to keep all of your fans in mind — not just those in the stands.


Think of your college activities mobile sms marketing; what does it include of? You likely have paper prints advertising the activities, reports around university, and a internet web hosting service the activities live statistics so lovers can see the ranking immediately. All of these are great to advertise your team, but there are college activities promotion techniques like sms marketing that really take your fan involvement to the next level.



Let’s start with live statistics on your site. There are services and solutions out there that allow you to have your website populate with present ranking of the gaming activity, which is a great first phase in providing and offering your fans to be able to stay in the loop! But, what is we could take this involvement opportunity one step further?



This is your opportunity to add college sports promotion to your live statistics. Suppose you were able to deliver all fans a written text the second your team scores an objective, deliver a summary at the end of the game with the top features, or discuss half-time activities. With the right SMS Marketing system, you can achieve all of this and really compliment your current, existing live statistics and promotional methods.

Here are the top three things the right SMS Marketing And Promotion system can do for your group to increase fan involvement and improve current promotion methods.



Increase involvement with your team mates or group during games



We moved on this temporarily above when talking about live statistics. Having live statistics on your website is great for people who are able to observe or monitor a screen for the whole duration of the game. But, what about those who are at work or on the go and can’t make use of your website’s live statistics?

Give them the choice to stay informed by connecting and linking your live statistics to an automated SMS Marketing Campaign that delivers subscribers and members a written text whenever a goal is scored, a penalty is called, or any other essential thing happen in the game.

SMS is the ideal route or you can call a perfect channel for these alerts because of the immediacy with which text sms messages are started out – generally in less than three minutes!



Enhance Easy Opt-ins Or Sign-ups



Perhaps one of the greatest struggles when growing a group of fans is getting the details you need to connect to them. With our SMS Marketing tool, you can make use of short code signups so all connects get all the up-dates within the written text. That’s it!

You can easily promote your short codes on your existing marketing ads by such as it on your paper prints, delivering it out in e-mails, or such as its in announcements. This gives your fans a great way to get in touch or even stay connected when they’re not at all doing any activity.



Show Variety In Your Game Competitions



While the main benefit of including a SMS Marketing promotion may be to engage fans who cannot attend by complementing or by matching your live statistics and instantly delivering messages when goals are scored, there is also an ability for SMS Marketing to enhance involvement with fans appearing in the stands.



Use your SMS Marketing platform or system to host an in-game competition. For example, at half-time, you could have participant’s with text messages in the answer to a trivia question about a gamer. If they get it right, they are instantly joined into a draw and the winner is selected at the end of the game!



Adding SMS to your sports promotion allows you to enhance involvement, increase presence, and easily collect fan information for further marketing communications. SMS Maarketing also allows you to complement your current, existing marketing and promotional methods and website live statistics. Think about being able to trigger automated SMS Messages to fans based on events that happen during an activity of the game.


If you’d like to discover more about how SMS Marketing and promotion can work for you, please have a look at our plugins demo and pre order today. Take your business to the next level.

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Azhar Iqbal, with more than 15 years of programming experience, posses a firm command over system analysis, system design and custom software solutions. He envisioned utilizing his extensive experience and expertise to elucidate Telephony Applications Development and design more practical solutions. You can reach him through his website or LinkedIn Profile.
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