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8 Technology Trends That Will Empower 2017 – By Buzz Apps

We are really amazed to see the technological innovations available to us in this present modern era. It’s definitely amazing to have the power of retrieving any information which is available at the web. And then communicate in a thousand different ways using a portable device that fits right in your pocket (A Smartphone)

There’s always something new these days and big things tend to change about which we can’t help it but just wait and think about those new upcoming technological marvels.   

As the way we see it, these days there are 8 technological trends that will empower 2017. If you are having an eye on one of those factors before starting your own new business, then it’s the time, if you are already an entrepreneur or a business then thought about it and use these innovations to target your potential clients and customers.

Technology trends 2017, Technology trends 2017, Technology article, Technology trends article, Trends 2017, Buzz apps, Buzz application, Latest technology news, Technology news, Latest technology 2017, App Buzz, apps buzz, latest innovations, innovative technology, empower technology, buzz technology, Tech Trends, Digital Transformation, Latest Technology, Technology News, technology article

1- Internet of Things (IOT) and intelligent home technologies

It’s been a while that we all have been listening about IOT and intelligent home technologies. So what’s the big deal and why we are not still living up in smart & intelligent I-connected homes by now.  

The main reason behind this factor is huge competition without enough collaboration. There are dozens of appliances and applications in the market but only a few solutions available to overcome the remedy and facilitate users with a better experience. Now as we are all well aware of the fact that bigger companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple & Amazon are well versed in introducing better user experience, we expect some major enhancements and changes in the upcoming years.


2- Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Technology (VR & AR)   

We are all well of these technological innovations which were introduced back in the 2015. After the release of Oculus Rift’s VR technology which was available in the market at an introductory price of only $599 and it was released to thousands of games and apps. We have got some new and early stage devices ready to tech up these applications but it’s going to be next season before we see things really take off. Once they do, you’ll need to be ready for AR and VR versions for having practically everything—and amplify promotional possibilities to adhere to.


3- Machine Learning & Automation

Machine learning has taken some keen steps in the past few years, even merging to assist and improve Google’s primary online search engine algorithm. But again, we’ve only seen it in a small range of programs. Throughout 2017, we expect to see machine learning up-dates appear across the board, coming into almost any type of customer applications you can think of, from offering better recommended products to gradually help in improving the user experience of an application. It won’t be long before learning becomes a kind of “normal,” with people anticipating this kind of AI (artificial intelligence) as a part of newly form of technology.

Advertisers and promoters will be pleased to see that automated data will become a mainstream throughout the year 2017. With new technology which enables the automation of previous human tasks.  We’ve had automatic reporters in flow for several years now, and we anticipate it won’t be long before they make another jump into more realistic kind of content. It’s likely that we’ll begin to see efficiency increase in a number of white-collar type jobs—and we’ll begin to see some jobs will vanish completely. When automation is combined along with machine learning, everything can enhance even quicker, so 2017 has the possibility to be a truly milestone year.


4- Humanized Big Data. (Visualize, understand, qualitative)

Big data has been a topic of discussions for the past few years when it appeared in the news with buzzword. The basic concept was to collect data—which we now have accessibility to—can help us in everything from preparing better medications in order to perform better marketing strategies. But big data’s biggest strength—it’s quantitative, numerical foundation—is also a weak point. In 2017, we anticipate that we’ll see improvements to empower big data, looking for more understanding and qualitative bits of information and portraying it into a bit more visualized & accessible way.


5- Digital Integration’s Into Physical World

Smart phones & mobile devices are gradually adding technological innovations into our daily lives. It’s unusual to see anyone without a smart phone, giving us access to essentially unlimited information in the real-world. We already have seen things like site-to-store purchasing; allowing on the internet customers to buy products in an actual retail location, but the next level will be even further integrations between actual and digital realities. Many bigger brands like Amazon will begin having more actual items, like Sprint Buttons, and actual manufacturers like Wal-Mart will start having more digital features, like store maps and product trial for their customers.


6-Beacons Technology

Bluetooth beacons which are cost effective and affordable devices can be programmed accordingly. These devices can transfer appropriate, focused information and messages to a nearby smart phone or gadget within the radius of 200-300 meters. Beacons are not just for advertisers and promoters to place them into their stores so that whenever a customer passes through that product can get promotional messages / offers. Beacons technology has step forward and previous illustrations were when you take your car near an exit point it unlocks, when you get near to a historical item or portrait in a museum it sends a message at your smart phone about its history. We are looking forward for more enhancements this year. Beacons will definitely find a way to step into smart house systems so it can sense and work various operations as per your need.


7- Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Users Experience

We are all well aware of the fact that science and technology both are playing an important role in our daily life. Definitely artificial intelligence will help us in the upcoming days to get the job done. Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest technology trends these days. This year it is considered that artificial intelligence will develop a future of customer’s relationships.  This year Google, Apple & sales-force have acquired more than 50+ startups related to artificial intelligence.


8- Intelligent Applications

There are many intelligent apps like VPA which are performing those exclusive functions of a human assistant making every day a lot easier by prioritizing out emails. Other intelligent applications like VCAS are more specialized for tasks in areas such as sales and customers support. These intelligent applications have definitely got the potential to actually transform the nature of work and structure of your work place environment.


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