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6 Digital Marketing Trends
Digital Marketing

6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2016

Digital Marketing Trends

6 Digital Marketing Trends In 2016 That Every Marketer Should Know       

Within the passage of time promoting any business or brand isn’t that much difficult. World Wide Web is not just a resource for programmers and developers to show their magic in designing, development and programming to general audience but it’s an ultimate resource for promoters and digital marketing experts to promote their business and brand easily. In this article we’ll be sharing some interesting trends which are going to help you out in promoting your business and brand.

Consumers not only came across from services and products as they enter a store or browse the internet. Multiple devices, platforms, companies and social media channels surround them daily, or if we are totally correct, hourly; even every minute. We came across searching for world filled with exciting products, solutions and electronic innovations.

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Looking at the style and trends for 2016, you’ll see them in a short time, it requires creativeness and a systematic way to perform these styles, but it’s worth it. There are still a couple of concerns about some trends, but we see it as a chance to provide solutions and develop our own information.

Online Marketing Will Go Beyond Social Media

Online Marketing 2

Social Media these days is a helping hand for businessman’s so take a step back and think about that for a second. Think about “Googling” on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked-In, Google-Plus and being able to buy products through a messaging app on Facebook? How excellent is that. What is even more awesome if you can use it to your benefit for your customers and clients? At this time Face-book and other most popular social media’s are working on quality for their own online search engine, which will lead to a more powerful search engine within public networking. Brands will also get an automated (visibility) increase with these search capabilities. But what is really tingling our excitement is those organizations and businesses launching their own apps.
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Through business apps companies will be able to connect easily with their apps. In exchange customers will be able to buy online through the app, get orders VIA IMO, tell their buddies about their purchases and discuss what they purchased, all with an ease of buying directly at e-commerce site. It’s an excellent chance that should not be put aside.

Snapchat: Ads With An Expiry Date


Snap-chat took the social media world by surprise. It was accepted by electronically smart customers and thousands, more like an incredible number of images, video clips and sketches are sent monthly. It doesn’t looks like a news or rumor in the market that manufacturers and businesses will start adopting that app as well. If you have never heard of Snap-chat, it is a video/photo texting app that allows customers to take images, record video clips, add written text images and send them to one of their connections.

Very few brands and customers have used Snap-chat as an advertising and promotional method, but in 2016 you won’t be able to disregard it. You can make incorporated promotion strategies that offer unique products to young people, which is quite difficult to do. Create teasers for future products / services either with images or video clips that are available only for a couple of minutes. This makes exclusivity to your strategies, which customers love.

The key point is that real-time promotion is becoming more and more popular, and companies need to make systems which allow customers to be a part of the experience, not just suffering from it.

Videos And Live Video Streaming Are Extremely Effective

Live Video Streaming

Video clips are popular amongst most people and as mobile connection and technologies improve, it is becoming an integrated portion of users approach. Exposure to countless numbers of the same ads every day does not keep any room for average promotion techniques. You need to get consumers’ attention and then keep them involved for more than a second. But how you are going to do that?

Live Video Streaming 2

It’s easy, have a look at live video loading. Manufacturers have been using ways to integrate this into their online promotion initiatives. This course will allow customers to take aspect in a brand experience.

Advertising Through Instagram

Digital Marketing Trends In 2016

Instagram these days converted their social media into an extremely effective business generating company. The community we reside in nowadays grows on visible activation and Instagram just nourishes that need to discuss your lifestyle and easily shares your experiences with the world. These days it’s only a matter of time when the big branding and corporate companies would use it for their benefits.

Recently Instagram started offering paid advertisements through selected developer partners such as Ampush, Product Systems, 4C, Kenshoo, Nanigans, Sales force Promotion Reasoning and SocialCode etc. For now it is not yet available to everyone, but in 2016 Instagram ads will be available to all promoters. We at Buzz-Applications recommends if your are planning to begin your business and take it to the next level. You should probably start with Instagram. Get your products creativity streaming and start considering methods how you can enhance whatever you can market through Instagram. You can either make a carousal ad that allows you to generate multi-page ads or make 30 second movie ads.

Advertising Through Pay Per Click Management Systems

Advertising Through Pay Per Click

AdWords has given all digital marketing experts as an early Xmas present this year with their expose of Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing. You can now focus on individuals who have particular ads, delay for it, centered on their contact number or e-mail. That means that you can direct ads or content, that exactly answers a need or want, to a focused individual person.

Think of yourself as a wizard, a PPC wizard. Amazingly you are introducing customers with outstanding content that they are considering and responding to their needs or wants before they could response it themselves.

Another really exciting thing we studied was the fact that PPC has never really regarded as a method of making content go popular, but it can help the process. PPC ads can get extremely exciting content right in front of a much focused viewer, which can impact and could be converted into popular and viral content. Look at targeted or focused individuals who have big public information, on top of identification. This can really help to get your product observed and can significantly boost the likelihood of your concept being picked up by your targeted audience and become popular.

Advertisement And Promotions Through Pinterest

Advertising Through Pinterest

Observe out, Pinterest has moved up majorly in the promotion industry. We are just getting used to how amazing buyable hooks are, but there is more to come. It has been exposed that Pinterest will present their new marketed pin known as an Cartoon Movie pin. Manufacturers will be able to focus on a individual depending on their attention with this animated pin.

The awesome aspect about these Movie hooks is the truth that they are set moving when a customer scrolls, but as the customer prevents scrolling, the movement prevents as well. Now you are responsible whether you want to discover the shocking truth or not. Customers are an important portion of the skills. Manufacturers like the Gap, Nestle, L’Oreal, Unilever etc have already examined this out, and it has been confirmed to be successful.

Now, you are probably prickling with enjoyment after studying the overall huge opportunities out there to achieve viewers and interact with them. We experienced exactly the same while writing this helpful article. These styles will change electronic age even more and can provide both possibilities for customers and for promoters. Let’s take their hands on this Digital Marketing growth we are in and use it to our benefits to attract the attention of consumers and diverting them towards your offer.

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