5 Ways Mobile SMS Marketing Helps Restaurants In Bringing More Customers

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Dining places have always been depended on offering low price of food and also they have been offering several coupons to generate more customers and increase their earnings. In this present modern and digital age of mobility, your cafe and restaurant can make use of mobile sms marketing to generate even better results.

1- Coupons For Clients And Customers

According to a recent market survey report mobile coupons are seeing a 1,000% higher buy rate than print coupons, at a portion of the cost. Better yet, text coupons require none of the print and layout costs associated with conventional ones. Set up a spinning of different types of offers to attract your clients and customers.

  • Buy one, get one free
  • Get a free product 100% free with purchase of an entree
  • 50% off after 11:00pm
  • Discount on buys over an amount of $25

2- On time Delivery

You can easily improve the response rate by delivering your sms marketing message at peak hours time. Between 11 am and mid-day, individuals are determining where to go for lunchtime. Your written text message can become the determining aspect. The same goes for 3 pm to 6 pm, when individuals are planning where to have their after-work drinks.

3- Targeted Customers Loyalty Programs

Repeat customers rewards & benefits (the equal to cards), and company reports, can be part of your mobile marketing message. Again, digital distribution means no publishing and structure costs, making the program much less expensive and far more effective. Computerized and automated mobile sms marketing systems can also deliver customized loyalty offers — like a free cake coupon on someone’s wedding.

4- Targeted Marketing

By forwarding your discounts and other products so that clients and your customers have to react to activate them, you’ll be equipped with an automated modified list of individuals who engage with your mobile sms marketing campaigns. They are the ones who will give you best return on investment—mobile marketers and companies spend millions of dollars on every year to grow your business and learn many upcoming things relating branding and promotions.

5- After Hours Service

An online user registering at your website and store can publish your restaurant’s QR codefor prospective clients even when nobody’s “at home.” Better yet, set up a small projector to show the QR code at your business place wall, as a part of an attractive and nice looking display.

Making your mobile sms marketing a two-way road can give your strategy an even better reaction. A simple fulfilling study can help your clients feel listened to, and promote a feeling of possession and belonging. The most powerful and highly effective way to involve your clients and customers is to ask them which voucher they would most like to see — then send it out some time before the lunch break.

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