5 Facts About USA’S Mobile SMS Marketing

Mobile SMS Marketing
Mobile SMS Marketing

USA is a nation of great marketing and business potential. There have been a lot of success stories from this nation about how ordinary men made exceptional efforts to come with inspiring product that are helping generations to grow and live. Entering into a business or getting a new start of a running business basically starts from marketing. The most important aspect of any business being a success is the strength of its marketing campaign. There are countless ways, some conventional and some modern, to achieve marketing excellence. One of which is SMS marketing. SMS was a way of personal communication until the idea of mass SMS sending software and telephony services changed the whole scenario and made it and extensive marketing tool with comparison to other marketing sources such as internet marketing. Let’s take a look at some of the facts and figures about USA’s ever increasing SMS Marketing potential and see why SMS marketing is relatively better option for the users.

86% Mobile phone Users Receive At Least 1 Text Message Every Week

Text Messages Familiarity

The ever increasing number of mobile phone users has brought a great revolution in the usage of SMS messages. The statistics show that out of 320 Million wireless services subscribers, at least 86% individuals receive one or more text messages every week. This means that if you send a text message to 100 subscribers, at least 86 of them won’t be surprised to receive your text message and they would not find it odd to open it. This huge edge gives you a market of endless potential to play with and reap out the best results.

SMS Marketing VS. Telesales

SMS Marketing VS Telesales

Telesales is rather old fashioned marketing and leads generating tool, however due to the fact that its much of a time consuming as well as painstaking in providing results it does not give that much of a good result as it used to do. Another major fact about telesales being off the marketing rail is that at least 30% of American population does not have a landline phone anymore and those who have them it is only because it comes in adjacent with broad band or TV cable connection. Landline phone was the real and major source for telesales, with this notable absence of landline phones marketers face a lot of trouble connecting to a vast number of customers as mobile phone calls are much more expensive as compared to a telephony landline call.

SMS Marketing VS. Internet Marketing

SMS Marketing VS Internet Marketing

Access to internet has been made as easiest as it could be with the introduction of smart phone. Now everyone is almost always connected to the world of internet with this wonder device. Internet is a place of amazing marketing potential with features and abilities to showcase almost every kind of multimedia content internet has give a real boost and a new dimension for the marketers to move in. But does internet marketing worth having more attention than SMS marketing? Despite of a great Smart Phone revolution still only 40% of mobile phone owners have a smart phone that they use. Smart Phones still need more time to get as abundant as SMS receiving handsets, as SMS features is available with every mobile phone user.

SMS Marketing VS. QR Codes

SMS Marketing VS QR Codes

QR codes are the recent used direct navigation system for Smart Phones and other Smart Handheld devices. The uses of QR codes are vast and versatile as they are used for several purposes including marketing. The QR codes as being a new feature has not been able to make much of a mark as they are not as easy to understand by an average user. In a survey where people having Smart Phones, were asked if they have QR codes or not, 32% didn’t even know what QR code really is.

Mobile Coupons Are More Likely To Generate A Buzz

Mobile Coupons Over Traditional Coupons

It has been observed over mobile phone users by SMS marketing experts that Mobile Coupons that are sent through mobile phone SMS marketing facility, are more likely to be responded to. This is due to the fact that SMS messages have a better reach than any other narrowcasting marketing source as more than 95% messages are certainly opened up, this is the reason why SMS marketing is thought to be the best way to reach as maximum number of audience as possible and creating discount coupons grabs instant attention from the targeted audience.

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