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5 E-Commerce Websites Design Platforms


5 E-Commerce Websites Design Platforms For Small Scale Businesses

Move on to 2015 and the U.S. Demographics Institution launching a review on the dollar amount of e-commerce revenue that took place within the first one fourth of the year — the quantity was 81.3 Billion dollars — and it’s clear to see that e-commerce is only getting more powerful. Today’s customer has effective time control and comfort on their mind when it comes to buying those lovely high-class or required items that you’re marketing to them. But, to be on your side, you have to be using the right system to increase the revenue potential.

Whether you’re trying to build a pre-ordering choice within your present e-commerce industry, or you’re nervous to discover out how your warehousing installation will connect to your online store, there are many of e-commerce choices out there that can help your company succeed.
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It’s in that soul that we have taken the freedom of listing out some of the best platforms that we think small to mid-sized companies should be using right now. Here they are but in no particular place .



Shopify is all about assisting you to set up an online shop so that you can easily sell on the internet, and in our personal viewpoint, it’s one of the best e-commerce platforms out there. It’s also one of the most famous e-commerce developing websites currently available, as Shopify reports that they have now over 100,000 online stores using their system. With Shopify, you can publish an endless amount of products with ease of access over variants and overall stock. It also comes with a discount coupon engine, and you won’t have to pay for transaction charges. The real features / attractiveness of Shopify — and what makes it scalable for any kind of business — is their app shop, which provides over a 1,000 helpful applications both compensated and free.

For example, you may select marketing plug-ins that help boost SEO, sales applications that help you personalize your product list and social-media applications that help you monitor your visitors and you could actually see who has converted into a customer and who is most likely to change — and all of said applications integrate easily with your product pages, e-commerce shopping cart and Shopify backend. If there’s a drawback with Shopify it’s that it has so many pages to select from that if you’re un-seasoned in the e-commerce scenery, it can easily become frustrating. Still, this is an effective platform that doesn’t require a technical background to use.

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There are more than enough e-commerce platforms out there that can help you fulfill every need you want your marketing place to cover. However, picking an e-commerce solution means investment in both (your precious time & money). Before setting on any platform we suggest you to do an internal audit of your present needs.

For example, you could be in the marketplace for a relatively inexpensive remedy now, but, as you scale, you know that you’ll need your ecommerce platform to integrate with others like a CMS and CRM. If this is the case a platform like Square-space might seem enticing in the early platforms but that could end up costing you in the long run due to its low scalability. You might instead select Drupal Commerce, as it’s an extremely elastic remedy platform that can be integrated with almost any other platform.



Square-space is fully loaded e-commerce platform which is extremely affordable and can actually help you sell as small business. No matter which Square-space design you select — which is another strength of the platform, you can choose beautiful templates without having to know basics of code — you’ll be able to upload unlimited number of items to your online store and have full management of your stock inventory, significance that it’s easy to provide different versions of the same product and you and easily control your inventory stock.

This is definitely an e-commerce platform for the kind of business that you can run from your home, and while your site will look excellent, Square-Space won’t give you helping hand in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or crm (CRM). Still, it’s an excellent platform for any kind of business from small scale retailers to multinational and professional companies wanting to sell their products and services.



Magento is a very flexible e-commerce platform that can help in fulfilling the needs of corporate or small organizations, making it probably the most scalable platform on this list. This platform owes its reputation to the fact that it’s free, which means that including functions and adding unlimited features is incredibly easy. For example, if you’d like to improve sales and want your visitors to convert into a customer on your site, you can add Nosto, a free extension that tracks unique visitors and offer them recommended items based on their online activities.
While Magento can be a great choice for growing organizations, it is a platform that’s old (i.e., complex to use) than the common system intended for first time e-commerce users, While that shouldn’t prevent small scale businessman’s when it comes to developing Magento into their workflows, We do declare that you make sure you’re confident in your capability to learn the Ins & Outs by using such sophisticated and innovative system before implementation.

Commerce Hub

E-Commerce Website Designs

Commerce-Hub a cloud based system that allows retailers to considerably increase their inventory and products offering to consumers that support their business.

How do they achieve this? Basically, Commerce-Hub works as marketing and fulfillment platform that connects online stores to suppliers — which, as anyone who’s try to create a relationship with supplier knows, is a major milestone to achieve. Simply put, working with a quality provider is an objective that can elude many organizations that haven’t yet acquired brand identification.

Like other alternatives on this list, Commerce-Hub isn’t actually for the early-stage start-up as before you can route down connections with providers, you first have to have create a powerful product sales channel that supports product-deliver. It is, however, a great option for any start-up that’s already on speed to hit every quarter sales product regularly, as well as mid-sized companies that want to build more consistency and reliability in their practices.



For any business, Drupal commerce is definitely one of the most workable and incredibly effective commerce platforms on this list. In reality it’s the only commerce system that’s designed within an entire content management system (CMS). Users of Drupal can quickly personalize their workflows, which make this choice suitable for promoters who don’t actually have a good cope of operating in the back-end of e-commerce platforms. Drupal is also incredibly versatile in that it’s incredibly modular and configurable, which means that it’s build to scale. But this probably isn’t an option for the do-it-yourself business owners. In order to use Drupal Business to its complete prospective, you’ll need to hire a developer that can help you set up workflows and the overall configuration of how you want your commerce platform to function.

This is an incredibly powerful and highly valuable tool that doesn’t come with certification charges – making it not just an incredibly effective solution but a cost-effective one as well.

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